1 Part Gypsy, 1 Part Hippie, 2 Parts Nuts, Splash of Vodka: Shake and Pour

Apr 06, 2009

#The Tween Years

I’m clearly losing my mind.

The sun is out today. This, in and of itself makes locals here in Seattle run around screaming, “MY EYES! MY EYES!” If you’re walking downtown about this time on the first day of sun in nearly four months, you can see businessmen in suits twitching on the ground from the sheer excitement of warmth.

I shit you not.

People suddenly “get sick” with all kinds of ailments. “CoughHikingCough” “KayakFlu” “EscapeToPark-itis” “GreenLake-Virus” And of course, the aforementioned twitching.

Today is that day. The day people drop like flies from their cubical and plug up the rivers and the Puget Sound and the trails.

Except me. Good ol’ Mrs. Flinger sees some sun and shrieks, “THAT IS IT! I WANT I WANT” and suddenly starts looking at real estate in Austin Texas because, why not?

I like Austin.

Houses are cheap! It still snows! There are trees! And Southern People! Austin is the “Seattle of Texas” and it’s the only place in Texas I’d live.  We have no job there, we have no way of moving there, no reason to, no family. But I got an itch because I saw the sun and remembered what growing up in South Houston was like where I played outside 90% of my days and dodged Fire Ants like missile. Where Blue Bonnets litter the side of the Gulf Freeway and BlueBell is THE ONLY ice cream worth buying.

Austin is the perfect blend of conservative hippies, sunshine, and trees. But when I tell this to Mr. Flinger his head explodes and he begins twitching on the ground. “Can’t. Take. Gypsy.”

So we’ll go kayak before the rain returns on Wednesday and I’ll try not to yell “I told you so” when the next warm day is in July. (After the 4th. We’re always freezing on the 4th.) And I’ll hope Mr. Flinger doesn’t yell “I told you so” when I change my mind and want to move to Colorado in three weeks. Or Spokane. Or Canada. Or [insert land of impossible here].



  1. i just wrote a blog post about taking pictures in the texas bluebonnets, but i didn’t have a picture to put on my blog.  i asked for people to send me pictures of them in the bluebonnets, but so far i haven’t gotten any.  now i have to link your post to show everyone what i am talking about.  people who aren’t from texas or who have never lived in texas have no idea what this picture-in-the-bluebonnets craze is.  thanks!

    By natalie on 2009 04 06

  2. Oh, perfect! This is from 1988. LOL. Can you believe that? The craze goes way way back. grin Thanks for the link, Natalie!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 04 06

  3. Come on over to Spokane! It would be great to have some bloggers a little closer.  Of course, I would much rather be in Seattle than Spokane.  Seattle has always had a special place in my heart.

    Cheers to sunshine.  We are loving it too!

    By daisy on 2009 04 06

  4. we get 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado.  Seattle is nice and one of my best friends lives there but the clouds are not my friend.  I too take cyber vacations and make cyber moves.  It keep me sane when it’s cold

    By momranoutscreaming on 2009 04 06

  5. I spent 1st and 2nd grade in Austin and never really got over the bluebonnets.  I learned to ride my bike in a field of bluebonnets, played tee-ball in a field of bluebonnets.  I’ve never been back since we moved, but I swear one day I’ll get back in the spring just to see those blue flowers again.  And if I can find a field of them to dive in, all the better…

    By Lora Lynn@vitafamiliae on 2009 04 06

  6. There is definitely something about the sun and bluebonnets in Texas.  Although I’m new here and still miss my home back in Michigan, I do enjoy the endless days of sunshine!  Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my pictures of bluebonnets…..love your 1988 picture!

    By Brook on 2009 04 06

  7. Who is the mystery girl in the back?  I am nosey like that and want to know!

    By Michelle M on 2009 04 06

  8. Michelle, that’s my friend Mercy. I have a post coming up about her. She was my best friend in jr. high before we moved to Washington.

    Replace her with you and give us 20 years and pretend that’s LB instead of my sister and that about catches you up. heh.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 04 06

  9. Ah, it’s the wanderlust again. Sweet picture! I’m enjoying the sun here in Portland.

    By Wacky Mommy on 2009 04 06

  10. You should totally come down to Texas.  Our neighbor already has bluebells up!

    By TexasRed on 2009 04 06

  11. Neat post.  Makes me want to scan old photos.
    I was so thrilled that we had sun when we were in Seattle last month!  Great meeting you!

    By Al_Pal on 2009 04 06

  12. I hear the Azores are nice this time of year.  Or is it THAT time of year?

    By tiff on 2009 04 06

  13. I would like to insert NYC.  We get twitchy on the first spring like day but level out the more sunny days come our way.

    By Maria on 2009 04 07

  14. Ok. First off….those glasses on me are HIDIOUS!!! OH MY GOSH. I can’t believe our mother ever had me wear those. UGH. Nasty.  Second….Colorado is SOOOO a possiblity for us! We should TOTALLY move there. TOTALLY. It’s perfect.
    Third. Your so right! I love how whenever it doesn’t rain for two weeks everyone in Washington cries “DROUT”. I haven’t seen three days of rain all year! Thus far. Of course. down here. 60 is cold to us. I wore jeans three days ago because 62 was going to be the “high” lol.

    By sister flinger on 2009 04 07

  15. I think we always want what we don’t have. Here in Cincinnati we have the WORST weather. It’s psychotic.  This weekend it was in the low 70’s and then on Monday it snowed!  WTF!

    Love the photo. Seeing that hair brings back lots of memories!

    By Shannanb aka Mommy Bits on 2009 04 07