• July 30, 2005

    oh FOOEY. :(

    All in good time though… and hey, you just might be thanking mother nature for her infinite wisdom in a few months when LB becomes a biped. (and discovers climbing and running).

    And maybe, just MAYBE, we can be due date twins next time around. wink

  • texasbelle
    July 30, 2005

    ah well…mother nature has a pretty acerbic sense of humor. happy weekend anyhow. at least lb doesnt eat poop.

  • Holly
    July 30, 2005

    So sorry that PMS tricked you!

  • July 30, 2005

    Oh Mother Nature, you cruel cruel, bitch. I’ll pop a cap in her ass for ya. *hugs*

  • kelli
    July 30, 2005

    PMS has tricked me before. Even where I might think I see a line and there is none. I keep telling myself, I won’t take a test next month, but I always do. Sorry Leslie:0( It’ll happen when it’s suppose to. When it does you’ll know it’s perfect :0)

  • July 30, 2005

    I hope you are enjoying a nice refreshing glass of alcohol (that doesn’t count towards caffine right?)! That sucks but when you are ready it will come. PMS is a bitch. I really think that Mother Nature is just a man in disguise.

  • August 4, 2005

    What about my stretch marks, can she fix those while she is at it?

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