A Yeti in Panties

Oct 18, 2006

#Pregnancy#The Flinger Family#Weght Loss and Body Image

I found my razor this afternoon. This is very good news since I haven’t shaved my legs since we packed up the bathroom in our old townhouse on Friday. If you count the days, that’s ... let’s do the math… five days. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a small step away from the ape woman. So five days for you, thin blonde chick that I’d hate but you’re too nice, might not be a big deal, but for me? Well. It is.

So, what with the peeing, the nausea, and the incessant hunger, I got up with my nighty bra-tank and panties and walked downstairs for some cocoa and graham crackers. Mr Flinger (god bless this man) says, “You should walk around in panties more often.” I glance down and see nothing great, short of a small forest of leg hair, some growing thighs and future varicose veins. But he kisses me, morning breath and all, and rubs my belly growing his next child.

Apparently, the man is attracted to Yetis in Panties. ‘Cause I swear to you, that is what I am. A big pregnant Yeti. With pretty panties.


  1. What a keeper!!

    By Plain Jane Mom on 2006 10 18

  2. Hubby wanted a piece whether I was Large Marge or not.  I think he’s horny, disguised as sensitive.
    However, your hubby sounds more sensitive with the rubbing of the belly.  Very adorable!

    By Sonia on 2006 10 18

  3. Love your post title!  I think a lot of men find their pregnant wives mysterious and alluring somehow…my DH begs to see me in my finally-full cup B’s and rounded 32-week preggo tummy.
    Shave now while you can still see (and reach!) your ankles!

    By AmyM on 2006 10 18

  4. Aww! Sounds like Bob should give lessons to Shan!

    Your hubby is a sweetie! wink

    By tjsmommy on 2006 10 18

  5. You did a good job picking him out.  :D

    By sue on 2006 10 18

  6. I’m in the same yeti boat.  I have a close relationship with my razor, too. smile

    That Bob’s a keeper!  Doesn’t it just melt your heart when they do something sweet like that?

    By Charla on 2006 10 18

  7. Thats sweet. Aaron never cares about my leg hair either. Gotta love your husband when he knows exactly what to say :0)

    By kelli on 2006 10 18

  8. As long as the panties are hot, that’s all that matters!  He’s a true keeper!  smile

    By Ficklechick on 2006 10 18

  9. 5 days? Pshaw!  You’re an amateur.  I haven’t shaved in more than 2 weeks, and I don’t have pretty thin blonde hair either.  I’m way past the itchy stage, and now into the “Crap, this is going to be a big pain in the ass to shave” stage.

    By BrandiB on 2006 10 18

  10. Well at least you DO have pretty panties!
    And don’t worry - I too finally shaved my legs first time since Oct 2nd (g’s bday) because seriously - it’s 35 outside and no one is going to see my legs anytime soon) But I had one of those “spa” parties to go to, so I figured maybe I should just in case.=, and our anniv is next week and it’s a free present!

    By Nicole on 2006 10 18

  11. I had a roommate once that loved winter because she said it was “Time to release her inner chewbacca.”
    Snort.  I still find it funny.

    By R*belle on 2006 10 18

  12. It’s no surprise to anyone that “Chewie” was my nickname. I also can make the same noises and I’m hairy.


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 10 18

  13. wow. You got a good one! Lucky bitch.

    By texasbelle on 2006 10 18

  14. My husband has said this before like when I’m naked.  My response is, “I’m sure that wouldn’t leave a mark on the children at all.”  Funny how with men naked is good, regardless of what naked looks like.

    By Piglet on 2006 10 18

  15. Heehee. Piglet is spot on.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 10 18

  16. LOL! What a good guy Mr. Flinger is. For a split second I thought you were going to show us a pic of your hairy legs! wink

    And R*Belle, the inner Chewbacca thing is HILARIOUS.

    By Jamie on 2006 10 19

  17. I feel Yeti-ish most times myself. I tend to be very hairy . . especially in a certain spot, if you get my drift.

    Attractive, I know.

    By Renee on 2006 10 19

  18. This one made me cry. And yes, I too, am a yeti. Hi! Do I know you??

    By Laura on 2006 10 20