Appropriate and not-so-much: Names we call our children

Jan 16, 2008

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I taught preschool for a few years. Did you know this? No? I did. It was the year I switched from Elementary Ed and went for Computer Science. That’s how profound the experience was for me. P.R.O.F.O.U.N.D.

Anyway, so I had this kid in my class, this really cute little guy named Evan. Evan was 4 years old when we met. He had a tremendous crush on me. “Miss Leslliieee” he’d say, “I made you a necklace!” He once told his parents he was going to marry me. “No, son,” his dad said, “She doesn’t make enough money.” I loved his parents.

He was the kind of kid everyone wants to have in their class, the kind of kid everyone wants to be friends with and the kind of kid that would befriend the shyest girl in the class because she was always alone on the playground. The guy was a hero. His parents called him “Big E” because he was. He was a big little guy.

I always wanted to call my son Big ___.  But instead, we had a “baby O”. Because? Big “O” just didn’t sound right.

Not that we don’t call our children completely innapropriate names out in public. There’s Doodiehead, pooper, stinker. Doodiehead is one of those things that flew out of my mouth one day and kept flying out of my mouth for three years.

We also use Sweetie, Buddy, Lil’ Man.

But my personal favorite? “MAN BABY!” It’s not “man baby” like a baby man, but more like MAN BABY! Just, exactly, like how you say “PIGS IN SPAACCEEE”. Try it out loud, go ahead, we won’t judge:  MANN BABBYYY.


Cute, isn’t he?

So what names do you call your children? Aside from the ones when you’re at The Limit, of course. I think those are universal. Or is that just us? It’s just us, isn’t it?

(God I miss this show!)

(Piggssss Innnnn Spppaccceeeee)

(That’s just for her)

(And you)

(and you)

*Thanks to Christine for the awesome hat!!


  1. I miss the Muppets too.  The names we call our children?

    BOY, Buddy, sweetie, JoJo, Benny, Satan (kidding, we only do that behind his back)

    By Sleeping Mommy on 2008 01 16

  2. My children get called “pork chop” a lot.  We always get dirty looks from older ladies in the grocery store whenever we do.

    By NG on 2008 01 16

  3. Good lord he is beautiful.

    I switched from being an Elementary Ed major the year I worked at a preschool as well.  Maybe it should be a prerequisite.

    Anyway - we have tons.  He started as Shumai (as did Boo) and now he’s Bubby, Bubbaloo, Bubs (that’s big sister), chunk a monk, and Kuma (husband).

    We have yet to shorten his actual name in any way.

    By Andy on 2008 01 16

  4. Yes, me too (is this an odd trend?)—I was in the special education program and switched to computer science after my first teaching practicum. Well, technically I TRIED to switch to computer science but the dean informed me that girls don’t usually like computers that much. So I left and started my computer business. tongue laugh

    By supermama on 2008 01 16

  5. We have WAY too many names for Braden.

    Baby B, The Boy, B, Sweetie-Dee, Boogerdeenie, Poopteenie, Pooptee, Bubba, Boogerdeedoo… Yes, a lot of them revolve around Boogers and Poop. Chalk that one up as a summary of things around here….

    By Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus on 2008 01 17

  6. Leslie started calling her “Bozette” (as in, the feminine form of Bozo) and it has totally stuck.

    By laura on 2008 01 17

  7. We commonly call Charlie “Little Man.”  He loves it when we call him “stinky boy.”  He finds the word “stinky” delightful and tries to say it in a very endearing toddler manner.  For a few weeks before he was born and while he had parked himself under my ribs he was “lard ass”- it was a somewhat trying time for a pregnant mommy…

    By Becky on 2008 01 17

  8. We call our oldest son Buddy and our youngest son Monster.  My husband has several nicknames for the kids that I can’t keep track of.  Our second girl is called Nanny-doots by her grandparents.  I admit to using sickening sweet names for the children when not using their real names.  Very out of character for me.

    By 4andcounting on 2008 01 17

  9. My son Joseph gets called Joe-my-Moe, Bugaboo, Monster, Jofus (what he used to call himself) and Toots.

    My daughter Elle mostly gets called Enne (that’s how she pronounces her name) and Elle Belly.  She’s so going to hate that when she’s older.

    By Jen on 2008 01 17

  10. Jake we call “Jake The Snake”.

    Drew we call “Drewby Doo”

    Emily we call “Red Eye” because she cries all the time and her eyes are always red.

    Molly we call “Pain In The Ass” ... oops, I mean, “Molly Bug”.


    By An Iowa Mom on 2008 01 17

  11. He is so freaking cute. I wish you lived closer we could set up a playdate and marvel over the cuteness of our kids. And we would know we were conceited just truthful, right? I call Bear by a lot of nicknames. Bear is obviously the #1 nickname as his name is not actually Bear. He is also sugarbooger, bug (pronouced Boog, short for SugarBooger), Baby Bear, Care Bear, Bear Bear, etc. I wrote a whole post on it awhile back.

    By Someone Being Me on 2008 01 17

  12. I usually call Carter - Little Dude. Actually I think I call him that more then his real name.

    By sam on 2008 01 17

  13. Punkin, Punkin Head, Farty Britches Kid…FBK for short, Turd Monkey, Sweetie, Pretty Girl, Poopy Butt, MR. Poopy Butt, Stinky Butt…

    I’m SUCH and awesome mom, as you can see.

    By Jennifer on 2008 01 17

  14. Boogerbutt & Peque?o… even though I didn’t even know that was actually a word in Spanish…cause I never took Spanish…

    Then Bones, which morphed from T-Bone

    By The Autumn Dahlia on 2008 01 17

  15. I’m always calling John something, other than his name. Things like ‘Tootie’, ‘Tooty-Too’, ‘Kooky’, whatever. It looks obnoxious when I type it, but it’s funny. Well, maybe not to anyone else.

    By Renee on 2008 01 17

  16. Such a sweetie!

    Peanut, lovey bun, babe, sweet boy, you name it!!!!

    By Marie on 2008 01 17

  17. VERY cute!

    I call Shark Boy: Buddy, Sugar, Darling, Sweet Boy, Dude

    I call Honey Bear: Sweet Baby, Honey, Bear, Chub-Ball, Big Guy, and My-Angel-Straight-From-Heaven.

    By Amy on 2008 01 17

  18. Our names for the various children are “Ofeeda”, “Miss stinky picklebottoms”, “Meemoo” and we have an “e” name and I call her EIEIO.
    Wow. I really sound crazy.

    By Jen Rizzo on 2008 01 17

  19. He is a cutie. We call our baby boy:
    Peanut Butter
    Sweet Potato
    Baby G

    I’m sure there is more, but those pop in my head right away.

    By *pixie* on 2008 01 17

  20. I think the world would be a much happier place if we could just watch “The Muppets” again.  wink

    I have a few nicknames for the girls but since Mom brain takes over so much, I end up forgetting their real names and so I end up using a collective name made up off all their names.  Its the first syllable of each of their names smooshed into one word.

    Very effective as all 3 will respond. LOL!!

    By starshine on 2008 01 17