Be vewy vewy quiet

Feb 19, 2010

#Life#The Flinger Family

I feel a bit like Elmer Fudd these days. I can see the rabbit, our house, just right——-> there. Right now we’re close. We’re SO CLOSE. We have a closing date that is nearly impossible to believe. We have boxes in the house. We have painters coming. We have a zillion tons of energy and hope surging through our family. We buzz in anticipation.

But oh god do not say a word or you’ll scare it.

Denial is a funny thing. Denial says not to pack a single box until you know for sure. But denial hears good news and waits. Denial hears a closing date and doubts. Denial looks around the house and thinks, “we don’t have that much stuff anyway.”

Denial. She’s funny, no?

We enter the last seven days. THE LAST SEVEN DAYS. Paperwork is signed, bank records are sent. Boxes are stacking. Painters are scheduled.

Work is intense these days. A deadline lands the day after we close. But it focuses me. Grounds me. Keeps me from too much denial.

I see the date coming faster and closer and all I can think of is “be vewy vewy quiet.”

Please god to not scare the rabbit away. It’s always my luck to be chasing a bunny in women’s clothes. And dooped in the end.

It’s time to change all that.

In the softest most quiet voice I can muster: We got the house.

Our house.

You’re all invited to our backyard for a huge BBQ and fresh lettuce.

And rabbit stew.


  1. Silently crossing my fingers that everything goes off without a single hitch. xoxo

    By cindy w on 2010 02 19

  2. I am so (quitely) ecstatic for you and your family!

    By Chris on 2010 02 19

  3. I’m just going to run out of the room right now b/c YOU KNOW I CAN’T BE QUIET AND I WANT TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS IN JOY.

    *clamps hands over mouth and beats feet*

    By Loter on 2010 02 19

  4. eeeeek in the smallest voice possible. We’ll almost be neighbors.

    By Tricia Honea on 2010 02 19

  5. Yeah!

    I remember even when the movers moved us out I didn’t believe it.  I didn’t believe it when we closed.  I didn’t believe it until 30 days later, when we moved in.  So I understand, perfectly.

    By jodifur on 2010 02 19

  6. (yay. yay. yay.) When allowed, that will be in all caps with lots of exclamation points.

    By Brigid on 2010 02 19

  7. *muffled squee*

    *continues to cross fingers and hold breath*

    By Chibi Jeebs on 2010 02 19

  8. *raises pom-poms*

    Hang in there, you can do it…YAH!

    Lame cheer brought to you by, The QUEEN of Denial!

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2010 02 19

  9. Don’t want to do the ‘yay’ dance too much and jinx it, so I’ll just quietly bounce in my chair waiting for the word we can all squeeeee out loud.
    Hugs and congrats.

    By PrincessJenn on 2010 02 19

  10. lower case (for now) hooray!

    By duchessbelle on 2010 02 19

  11. <whispering>squeee, don’t think I won’t be taking you up on the coming over for a bar-b-q comment. Hope you have enough room for me!!!</whispering>

    By AmazingGreis on 2010 02 19

  12. *whispers* congratulations! let me know when you want to house-swap. wink ‘cause Vegas is for kids, right?

    By Nancy on 2010 02 19

  13. *whispers* woo!

    By Ren on 2010 02 19

  14. *doin the happy dance in my chair very quietly and a silent ‘squee’!*

    By Stephanie on 2010 02 19

  15. I won’t tell a soul. for at least seven days.

    By Liz on 2010 02 19

  16. I am withholding my comment for another week.  I almost have one but I’m waiting until I officially do. grin

    Plus, I need time to make virtual brownies for Imaginary Me to take to your BBQ.  (Zero calories!!)

    Good luck, babe and when you need it, congrats!!

    By CitricSugar on 2010 02 19

  17. Sweet!  How exciting!  Let us come visit so I can persuade the ‘financial log’ into getting out of our house!!!  Congrats again…keeping my fingers crossed for total success!

    By Traci on 2010 02 19

  18. oh yay.  quietly, yay.

    By leigh on 2010 02 19

  19. Quietly adding my sincerest “CONGRATULATIONS!” to the pot!

    By Carrie on 2010 02 19

  20. We are quietly waiting to hear the news.

    By Oma Flinger on 2010 02 20