Because I can convince a nun she’s pregnant but not that she’s a lesbian

May 23, 2006

#Life#got pee sticks?

Two weeks late. Grumpy but not bitchy. Weepy but not pissy. Tired. Sore boobs. Pukey.


Wow. This. Is. Really. Getting. Old.

Maybe it’s all those women I sleep with. Yathink?*

Oooh, Internet, before you run around spreading rumors, lemme just say that I’ve stayed up late to see my hunk-o-hunk-a-burning-manhood on the Country Music Awards (which I despise) just because someone said he was on. And in the five


sentences he was on, I realize there is no way I could ever leave men. I love them. Especially that one. .. I mean.. my husband. Raaauuurrr.


  1. I rememebr the first time Ben told me John Corbett was from Wheeling I couldn’t hold back my excitement (lameness), “Oh, does he come back often!?!” He said he used to and it’d would make the news. I swear, he needs to come back my way more often, I’d drive the half an hour to stalk him raspberry Yum.

    By Sarah on 2006 05 23

  2. Hey, by the way this site is blue.  I like this blue, but didn’t you tell me it was purple?  Does everyone else see blue?  Or do you see purple?

    By RB on 2006 05 24

  3. I see lavenderish.
    Anyway, don’t worry about the lesbian comments. We talk about me being a lesbian (at work) all the time b/c I enjoy a good boobie squeeze every now and then. Among friends. You know . .

    By Renee on 2006 05 24

  4. Periwinkle.. it smacks of periwinkle. I heart this color… it was one of my wedding colors!

    By Erin on 2006 05 24

  5. He. Has a sweet. Mullett.

    By candice on 2006 05 24

  6. Grumpy but not bitchy.  That sounds about lesbian to me.  smile

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 05 24

  7. Hugs on the negative HPT. I’m sending you “get knocked up fast” prego vibes.

    And maybe you need to design a lesbo “skin” design for your blog where your fab legs are unshaven and you are wearing hiking boots or something.. Mwwaaaa haaaaa haaa. wink

    By Jamie on 2006 05 24

  8. I loved John Corbett when he was on Sex in the City. Whew….

    I’m getting all worked up over pictures of Keifer Sutherland in the Rolling Stone someone left in our break room here at the office.


    By Jamie on 2006 05 24

  9. OH, but Jamie, he has never been hotter than Chris in the Morning on Northern Exposure.


    It’s not blue. It’s lavendar. I swear!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 24

  10. I second periwinkle, and I love it, btw.

    Do you think you might be having a false negative?  I SO sympathize with you; you know I’ve been there.  I’m praying for a fast knock-up for you.

    By Charla on 2006 05 24

  11. Yea, Charla. I know you do. And thank you. Although, I feel kinda bad because we’re only JUST starting to try and really I’m only tired of this not starting my AF thing. If I could just START then we could try again.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 24

  12. Just had to ask (‘cuz we’re all thinking it), did you use a new, sealed in wrapper test?!? smile

    By AmyM on 2006 05 24

  13. tongue laugh

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 24

  14. Ha ha ha!  I love the roar at the end of your post. Hilarious!

    By sarahgrace on 2006 05 24

  15. ... 2 weeks!! girlie…

    By Kerry on 2006 05 24

  16. GOod luck with the baby thing!  I agree with the periwinkle background… but the lighter color is definately lavendar (I can’t stand that color for some reason, but I am okay with the main background color, therefore it CAN’T be lavendar!)

    By Holly on 2006 05 25

  17. He is SO HOT!!! We just watched a recent movie with him… he was a minister. Oh so HOT. What the heck was that movie… have you seen it Leslie?

    By Marie on 2006 05 25

  18. So I’m a bit late on this one, but couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about John Corbett… I LOVED (okay, still love on all the seasons on DVD) Chris in the Morning.  And even loved him more as Aidan on Sex and The City.  Damn that Carrie Bradshaw… what a fool she was!  Les, if you still haven’t seen any of Sex and the City, you gotta start renting the DVD’s!  Woohoo for John Corbett… smile

    By Water Girl on 2006 05 28

  19. Oh,and Marie… I think you’re thinking of Raising Helen??? The one with what’s-her-name (Goldie Hawn’s daughter)???

    By Water Girl on 2006 05 28

  20. Yes Yes YES!  Raising Helen. Good movie. The fact that John Corbett is in it makes it a great movie! also stars Kate Hudson (she’s Goldie’s daughter? really?) and Joan Cusack (who becomes an awesome character in this movie).  There you go.. add it to your Netflix:

    By Marie on 2006 05 28