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Feb 17, 2010

#Life#Posts that suck

Wow. Apparently I think you’re all blind. Or slightly blind. Or have the terrible eyesight I have.

500 pixel mix tapes. HELLO!

Really, I just wanted to push that huge tape down a post. I have posts. In my head. And all you get is some hopped-up-on-pain-killers dribble about the Olympics.

That’s right. PAINKILLERS.


But legal.

I have a failed root canal that got an infection and turned me in to a 34 year old woman in the fetal position on the couch moaning, “MYTEEFMYTEEF.” It was so attractive.

I begged three dentists to DO SOMETHING OMG and one did. Anti-biotics and Vicodin. And a new! root! canal! to look forward to. I win.

I bet those skaters are hopped up on something. Something with sparkles. I bet they snort glitter pre-skate.

I would.

So in short, as a review, lessons learned are: 1. Brush and floss daily 2. Take Vicodin and do not blog 3. snort glitter pre-competition.

Just say no to drugs.

Mrs. Flinger


  1. but drugs are fuuuuuuuuuun (I haz vicodin woooo)!

    By heather... on 2010 02 17

  2. I hope your oral situation is expediently relieved.  (No fun!)

    And when did sparkles become mandatory in Men’s figure skating?  And feathers.  I miss Elvis Stojko.  And Katarina Witt.  She knew how to man-it-up on the ice…

    By CitricSugar on 2010 02 17

  3. You forgot huffing unicorn farts!

    By Ashley on 2010 02 17

  4. Olympics on drugs…thats way better than the Olympics on alcohol I’v been watching.

    By Sarah Brouwer on 2010 02 17

  5. I love your drug induced posts, well, you know, I love you in general.

    By AmazingGreis on 2010 02 17

  6. Owwww. I ended up with dry socket, an infection after wisdom teeth removal. Holy bejeezus my face swelled up like a watermelon & I have to say I was loving the drugs. Enjoy! :D

    By Esther Crawford on 2010 02 17

  7. Ro’oh no!  So sorry to hear about your pain.  Although, I have to say, your blog posts have always helped me see THE BIG PICTURE, pain-killer-infused, or non!


    I know, it hurts to be me.

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2010 02 21