Before and After: a picture post

Nov 21, 2006

#Pregnancy#Weght Loss and Body Image

I have a series of before and after photos I thought I’d share. You may want to sit down and start drinking. It could get ugly.

First, I’ll start with the easy one. Here we have the previous “toy storage solution” since we moved in to the new condo and delegated the toy chest for shoes. (don’t ask) Yes, we delegated the storage bin formerly known as “toy box” to dirty ol’ shoes. It’s how we roll.


(and yes I am just anal enough I’ve considered labeling what bins go to what. I’m sorry, what’s that? Stick up my what?)

And then I have The Haircut. I spent more on a hair cut that I’ve ever spent in my life and you know what? All it means is that I have a very expensive shitty haircut. I walked in with a picture of what I wanted and I walked out looking like a lesbian. Or a soccer mom. (No offense to either group. I’m not hip enough to be a part of either.)

THIS is the picture I show her.

And THIS is what I end up with.

Obviously she has no sense of reality. In one picture I have a cute bob cut with a wedge in back and in the other I am wearing fleece out at a soccer game. Gawd.

And then, finally, the First Belly Shot (dun dun duunnnnnnnn).

I just happen to have a Belly Shot from week 11 pregnancy LB (2004).

And a “before” shot I thought would be my “Look at how fat before I start working out” photo. But instead it turns out it’s now my “Look at how skinny before I start gagging and eating fourteen times a day” photo.


  1. I understand the labeling of the bins!!  Something that worked well when I was a nanny was putting a picture (we cut them out from magazines since it was before the whole digital camera thing) of what was to go in the bin on the bin.  That way, the kids could help clean up and then we’d be able to find things quickly, too. It looks like you’re already nesting… smile

    By Audrey on 2006 11 21

  2. CUTE cute belly shot! Hooray for belly shots!

    I think your hair is cute, too.

    p.s. I envy your cubbies!!! So organized!

    By Jamie on 2006 11 21

  3. Nesting, nesting, nesting.  GAWD!  I’m SUCH a mom, ‘cause I can only think of singing it like the “Questing” song from the Backyardigans….. Yikes.

    Oh, love the cubes, and LOVE the belly!!!
    Also love the new Fa-lalalalala template! smile

    The hair?  Well, the hair… um, it will grow back.

    *ducking pregnant woman flinging a ghetto white mocha at my head*


    By tjsmommy on 2006 11 21

  4. YOU look beautiful!

    By Brandi on 2006 11 21

  5. Hair grows out. But never as fast as we would like!

    Nice belly!

    By SaraS-P on 2006 11 21

  6. She cut your hair WAY shorter than the pic, but it is still cute! 

    I too, like your new toy storage!!  Looks great!  I want something similar, but slightly smaller, for shoe storage by the door… who knew a family of four could stack up a zillion shoes!  (Or a toy chest works, toO!)

    By Holly on 2006 11 21

  7. Do I spy the same Ikea storage solution I just bought like 5 of to store my crap? Unfortunately I am not anal and just try to hide stuff.

    By Kirdito on 2006 11 21

  8. You’re totally cute, but MAN what a hack job.  That is SO going to take months to grow out to what you wanted!  Not that it’s not peppy - sheeooot, it’s just 4 inches shorter than the picture!


    By Leanne on 2006 11 21

  9. The toy bins look great! Has LB figured out how to dump them out and wear them like hats yet?!?

    Cute belly shot!  I noticed the hand protectively placed on the belly in the hair pics smile

    By AmyM on 2006 11 21

  10. Oh dear, I am lusting after your toy storage, so shiney so clean! Our toy storrage are old tulip bulb crates brought home and hosed off by daddy last spring. And the hair looks fine, just get some product and you will look fantastic.

    By Emily on 2006 11 21

  11. WHERE did you get those storage shelves and baskets?? I am going to get them RIGHT NOW.  Seriously, it’s all that’s lacking in my ONE almost finished room in the house.  I need them, I must have them. NOW.  Do you sense my urgency?? sorry about that—oh and one other thing, is the shelf easy to pull over? because I have one (ah hem, Tiny) that will be climbing all over them for sure.

    ANYWAY…I love belly shots.  And the haircut?  Give it a week or two to grow out just a bit, then you’ll be loving it, I promise. 

    and now i’m leaving because my effing dog just farted and i’m about to DIE.

    By Little Miss on 2006 11 21

  12. So, its not the same haircut but I love the back!  Not the side as much but hey, you appreciate my honesty, right? So, did you say anything?  I know its hard but if you paid that much and didn’t tell her it was not what you asked for, you should have!
    Cute belly pic!  I’m glad you are posting these unlike someone else we know!

    By Beckik on 2006 11 21

  13. Yeah I dont know how she thought what she did to your hair was even close to the picture you brought.  But at least it will grow out- maybe you can part it way on one side and sweep the front across your forehead like my friend Jen does.  I can direct you to her myspace page to see what I mean if you want smile

    By Sara on 2006 11 21

  14. Um. I’ve been labeling my kid’s toy bin since she was 2. That doesn’t mean she actually puts anything where it’s supposed to go (even though she’s now 9 and has declared herself the Queen of Knowing It All).
    It just means that I spent an hour carefully plotting out and then labeling her bins so that her favorite toys were easy to reach and everything had it’s place.
    It lasted 5 minutes but I refuse to give up on the labels.

    By Mrs X on 2006 11 21

  15. Love the toy storage Les! And I’m sorry your hair didn’t turn out how you wanted! That sucks. I’d totally go back and complain. It’s nothing like the picture you brought in. They should refund you, or at least give you a discount on the next haircut… with a different stylist! The new ‘do is quite sassy though!

    By Paige on 2006 11 21

  16. I LOVE it all! We have those really expensive but the only damn thing you can find cubbies wall system from Pottery Barn. I love them, my wallet doesn’t. And yes we have all the bins labeled with those address tags complete with clip art to show whats in it (and matching font too - like Star Wars etc).

    I love your belly and your hair. Me and Great Clips are friends only because it’s next door to Caribou!

    By Nicole on 2006 11 21

  17. Thank, y’all for being honest about the hair. I really dislike it and I did tell her. I almost cried when I saw it but said, “It will grow out, maybe in two weeks it’ll be better” and still tipped her freakin’ 20 percent. I’m stupid, right?


    And the shelves are TOTALLY IKEA. WOOOT! Ikea in d’house! grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 21

  18. I like your haircut!  It looks very “fun”!

    By Ficklechick on 2006 11 21

  19. Your ?Look at how fat before I start working out? photo is my dream body.  Which is probably at least a year away at this point.  :(
    Who did your hair before your wedding?  Could you go track that person down to do a redo when the hair grows back out?
    Lovin’ the belly shot - so cute.  smile

    By Lanna on 2006 11 21

  20. Okay, since you’ve posted a belly pic, I officially vote boy, but reserve the right to change it if and when we get a six month shot.

    By cheryl on 2006 11 21