• August 25, 2011

    I’ve been following Mayo’s antidepressant information for a while now, and I gotta say I’m uncomfortable with their cavalier attitude about the low risks.  What they mean by low risk is it may not happen to you, but if it does, it’s BAD. I do a lot of peer counseling with psychiatrists locally, and what we’ve found with a lot of antidepressant patients is that they may not endure any immediate side effects, but in the next second, they will have a massively suicidal thought that seems inexorably pulling them to kill themself.  One of my good counseling friends previous to becoming a therapist took an antidepressant, then found herself driving 6 hours trying to find the nearest bridge to hang herself over.. these drugs… they’re not simple bandaids or stomach meds or pain killers. these meds ALTER BRAIN CHEMISTRY.  which makes them all the more dangerous, even if the effects aren’t immediately noticed.  Also not particularly highlighted is the fact that the newborns are addicted to the antid’s. great.  You don’t hear about THAT in the ads.

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