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Apr 07, 2009

#The College Angsty Years

We’re going to the Salon of Shame again tonight. Tickets sell out, literally, in one minute of release. Apparently past diary entries is all the rage.

Seriously, it is. It’s absolutely the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

And since this is my memoir, how can I NOT post some old journal entries?
(And since you have them, how can *you* not post them? Ponder that for a while.)

So here’s a journal entry dated January 26th, 1997. I’m in college and I like this guy, Matt Bell, whos name I never actually write for fear that HE MIGHT READ IT. (WTF?) So he’s always “he” in my diary. Or “The Guy”.

It’s a miracle I remember his name at all.

—————1/26/97 Sunday—————
Well, Friday during class I didn’t talk to him. I said “Hi” but that’s all. Then while I was out Friday night with Sue/Marjorie/Kim/Kelly he called! After I got home Brent and Jeff came over and gave me advice about him. They are so stinkin’ funny! (editors note: Stinin’? holyhell) So Saturday I called at 4:00. We talked until 5:20. I invited him to brunch after church and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie that night.

Of course I did.

So we saw the last Star Wars at his house. It went really well. he’s SO (underline three times) cute!

Today I got up at 6:30 because I was nervous. He came over at 11:50(ish).  I made the dumbest moves in the book! OH MY GOSH! While I was talking to him and pouring orange juice, I missed the glass and dumped the OJ on the rug. DUH! I made the pancakes really doughy. I didn’t clean his pan, and was shaking and stumbling on my tounge the whole time. *sigh* If he ever calls me again, I’ll know he must REALLY like me. Either that or he is REALLY bored and needs a good laugh.

I guess we’ll find out…

——————- End Transcript—————

That’s all true, people. I was me even before I was Mrs. Flinger. Dudes.

Dudes. :: shakes head ::


So? You wanna play along? You wanna graphic? (People LURVE the graphics! YES! YES YOU DO! Or is that just me?) So post a journal entry, let’s laugh together at our younger us.

Blog of Shame at Mrs.Flinger's

*If you need some inspiration you can watch the real salon of shame here.
** I think “Project F You Jenny is my favorite.



  1. Oh GOSH!  That is hilarious and I remember that time and how we all just thought he was so great!  Its fun to look back on those times that make us now cringe, but to realize that those things make us who we are today.  smile

    By Marjorie on 2009 04 07

  2. I am not sure anyone would care to read how neurotic and self-involved I was/am. Oh wait! I have a blog! grin I guess I do that every day.

    By sizzle on 2009 04 07

  3. Too funny!  Makes me wish I had kept a journal.  I think I have a couple school required ones laying around somewhere, but I’m sure they were extremely censored since my teacher read them.  smile

    By Amy the SaltyMomma on 2009 04 07

  4. Oh, wow.  Good times.  Kinda.  raspberry

    IDK if I have any diaries from college!!  Interesting.  Oh, and hey, I was in college in 1997, as well.  :D

    By Al_Pal on 2009 04 07

  5. oh man, I’ve got journals that go back to 5th grade. I could find some whoppers for sure.

    By April on 2009 04 07

  6. This sounds so much like all the junior high / high school notes I found the last time I moved.  I destroyed them all.

    By TexasRed on 2009 04 07

  7. Dude. I’m so in. Give me a few days to track something down.

    By Fear & Parenting in Las Vegas on 2009 04 07

  8. Dude, that is soooo funny.

    Fortunately, I never kept any diaries, so I’m in the clear. I’ll just enjoy laughing at your entries and pretend I never had any such experiences. LOL

    By Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) on 2009 04 08

  9. Oh.  No, way.  I am never, ever, under any circumstances posting diary entries from my more shameful years.

    I embarrass myself enough as it is.

    By Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com on 2009 04 08