BlogHer 2008: A (not so) brief highlight

Jul 22, 2008

You know how when you return from a trip and your husband says, “so how was it?” and then you spend EXACTLY six hours spreading out every detail with him sitting next to you on the couch trying to flick his eyes to the TV because deargodsheisstilltalkingaboutBlogHer? And you know how all of your friends are like, “did you have fun?” and then you spend EXACTLY seventeen hours recounting every details because they are better listeners and even still they flick their eyes to anything else because deargodsheisstilltalkingaboutBlogHer?

I’ve already told these stories with more to tell and already the details are getting fuzzy and I’m starting to bore myself a little because deargodisshestilltalkingaboutBlogHer?

Instead of recounting every details, every squeal, every “holy shit she knows my blog!” or “holy shit I love your blog!” I thought I’d do it all American Pie like and just start a category, “This one time? At BlogHer?” and that way you can deal with stories, both long and short, for a very long time.

You’re welcome.

So here are a few of the visuals I can provide for now. As the pictures get uploaded from the conference I’m constantly reminded about the bond of women, the emotion, the crazy excitement.

My own personal highlights which may, or may not, be fuzzy from alcohol intoxication during the photos:

Remember that time The Bloggess was all like, “Oh, you are SO POPULAR. Every time you link to me a get a ton of hits” and then I’m all like, “No, stop, no really (don’t)” so I link and hit her site MYSELF like six hundred and twelve times? You know. Just to keep the lie alive. :: cough :: (quick! Click here!)

she's sexy

And then there’s Aimee whom I’m moving in with next month. God, I love her. Her and her fucking swear words and her fucking amazing job and her fucking awesome photos.

I love Aimee

And Jenny who is officially coming to playdates with us and totally hung out with me in my room when I was all, “too. many. people. holy. crap” and she made me laugh and said nice things to me like, “You bitches have a huge room!”

Mamaspod and Bananas

Not only did I meet Bossy , I kept tagging along behind her all weekend. Every time she’d look up, THERE I WAS like a stalker. Or a puppy. Let’s say puppy.

Yea, that's me n Bossy

:: Interlude :: Will someone remind me not to stick my chin up in the air because HELLO INTERNET HERE ARE MY BOOGERS. Thank you.

I didn’t lick Sweetney until the very last day but I think she’ll hold her cheek for the rest of her life. You haven’t showered have you, Tracey? I mean, comon, you PROMISED.

Sweetney and Me

Jennifer and Shannon were awesome and fab and I wished I spent more time with them.

Julie was one of those, “You know me? You know ME?” encounters that I was all so very happy to call home with.

Elaine was not only a highlight, she was one of The People I could find when I was feeling a little overwhelmed. She’d put her hand on my boob and say, “you want something to drink?” Yes, Dawling.

Elaine and my boobs

I’m so glad that Angela lives close enough to drop in at least once a year because like, “SQUEEEE” she’s really very fun and amazing and I do want her hair.

Then there’s my photo with Whoorl who sat next to me and was my friend at the Sesame Street Room. And who also cut up the floor with (er, near) me at Maggie’s party.

Angela is hilarious and kind and thoughtful and brought a CD of The Weepies that I am listening to as we speak. I was, as you’d expect, instantly in love

Then.. fast forward a bit because my son is up in his crib yelling, “BITCH! I AM AWAKE! FIND ME!” in his little one year old talk wich is more sweet than that. “mammamamamama!” I know what he means, though.

Here’s the part where I almost pissed myself (aside from when I met Dooce.. I probably shouldn’t just worn depends all weekend come to think of it) but when Isabel of the Alphamom fame came up to me and said, “Mrs. Flinger! YES! It’s SO great to meet you! I want to get licked!!” I seriously could’ve puddled the floor. Instead? I just hump/licked her. I think she’s terrified.

The Prono Lick of Isabel

But really, she laughed. And then I was all “OHMYGOD I made Isabel laugh!” and promptly hump-licked Amy while I was being all self deprecating and mortally embarrassed.

I licked Amalah

In the end (Oh thank god! A conclusion!) it’s all about the people who share the experience with you and for that I am grateful these ladies were there.

mamaspod com

I could not have asked for better roommates.

(not pictured: like eight other women I hung out with all weekend and wantt to link to but blame the BoyChild for his needs and also because if I don’t post this now I may never. Look for actual stories to come in the sequel, “This one time? At BlogHer?”)

Back to being a working Mom for a while. It was lovely while it lasted.


  1. Are you freakin’ kidding me?  You actually did lick all those people!  I am more in awe of you than I already was.  I must stand in line to be licked next time!

    By heartache heartburn on 2008 07 22

  2. I’ll be famous by relation to Jenny.

    By MammaLoves on 2008 07 22

  3. Hmmm…I never did get licked. What up with that?

    By Don Mills Diva on 2008 07 22

  4. MammaLoves you are one of the people I had a half typed URL of before my BoyChild woke up and started hitting keys while I was trying to finish up my post. There are a few others that I just lost in the frantic “GOD JUST POST ALREADY” because the kids were flipping their shit. *sigh* I still love you and have a half “This one time? At BlogHer?” post about you already…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 07 22

  5. I miiiiiiisssssssss you!

    By Loralee on 2008 07 22

  6. OH! And I think that photo of me and you in your Flickr is the best one taken of me all damn weekend. May I snag it?  I haz no foto skilz, yo.

    By Loralee on 2008 07 22

  7. I THINK this means you had fun?


    Also, you definitely forgot to post yourself with my boobs.  Make sure you check out my post tomorrow. wink

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 07 22

  8. I swear I know you - like from a past life or my childhood or something.  Srsly.

    And if you’re moving in with Aimee, then I must petition for joint custody.

    By mothergoosemouse on 2008 07 22

  9. So…I got kissed, not licked.  I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

    Loved meeting you!

    By AMomTwoBoys on 2008 07 22

  10. Jesus, do I really fucking swear all that much???

    And I totally have already made up the guest room for you. With a little plaque that says “Flinger” even.

    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2008 07 22

  11. You DO NOT want my hair.  TRUST ME.  It’s like having hair on crack.

    By Angella on 2008 07 22

  12. It sounds like you had a great time!  You party animal, you! smile

    By Friglet on 2008 07 22

  13. I’m LOVING looking at all the pics and hearing all the stories! I want MO MO MO!!! wink

    By Haley-O on 2008 07 23

  14. The AWESOMENESS!  And I’m so glad so many people were thrilled to meet YOU because maybe that will convince YOU how made of awesome you are!

    I’m so jealous you met all those FABU ladies, but thankful you shared with us!  COOL!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 07 23

  15. Number one (teehee, I said number one), BITCH you stole my BlogHer post title.  I was totally going to use “This one time? At BlogHer?”  Actually, I still may because you didn’t use it as a title so bite me.

    Number two (teehee, I said number two), I wuv you.  Thanks for licking me.

    By Christine on 2008 07 23

  16. how is it that I only got, like, totally insufficient drive-bys with you?

    By Her Bad Mother on 2008 07 23

  17. I’m so glad we had at least a few moments of cheeseburger love on that bed and I have the photos to prove it…oh baby.

    By Assertagirl on 2008 07 23

  18. The BEWB Lick is posted, my lovely! grin

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 07 23

  19. I have finally exhausted all the friends I can talk to about BlogHer, so I’m going to have to resort to people on the street. Kind of bummed that I didn’t get licked, though. Maybe next year?

    By Clair on 2008 07 23

  20. note to self:  must obtain lick from Mrs. Flinger at next opportunity. 

    *tries to not feel jipped over having remained unlicked thruout conf.*

    By lildb on 2008 07 23