Blogroll Business

Sep 21, 2005


Hey, sorry to post about bloggy business but I need to know somethin’.  I’m going to update my blogroll since about ten of you have moved/gone/added links. It’s a mess because I’ve accidentally deleted some that I read, I haven’t updated it in FOREVER, and know with everyone deciding to move, or start over, I don’t even know where you people are anymore! Also, if you have another *ahem* blog and it’s OK for me to add you to the blogroll, lemme know that, too. ‘Cause I probably always forget to go to it if it’s not there. I suck like that.

Look, no more moves, ok? Selling the house is enough for me. I promise to stay right here (and here). ‘K. ‘Cause I can’t take another move right now.

< / end public service announcement. Back to your regularly scheduled crap >


  1. You’ve got mine right!  I actually get referrals from here pretty often so I know it’s working.  Thanks!

    By Carolyn on 2005 09 21

  2. I’m at http://mama.lilwhiskey.com now.  I’m doubting SuperSeuss will get much updating from here out.  smile

    By Seuss on 2005 09 21

  3. You know where to find me!  wink

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 09 21

  4. Yeah, you know where to find me too… LOL

    By speechjane on 2005 09 21