Brad and Jen

Aug 25, 2005

I admit I SUCK at keeping up with pop culture. I do. I keep wanting to know WHAT is the gossip with Bran and Jen and Angilina. I pick stuff up in the grocery store but never have time to read it (in line) and I can’t seem to get online and spend time looking for the latest crap about some famous people.

So, does anyone know? I’m DYING here….

*thanks to Raybelle for the link Dana’s Dirt.


  1. Last time I heard- this was yesterday or this morning, can’t remember, he and she (B&A) were spotted (with her son Maddox in tow) at a museum somewheres… (Canada, I think)  anyhow they were out and about there (for some film?) and they called ahead to see when it wasn’t as busy, and they showed up at the time told and had a great time looking around and buying stuff in the store.  (They were very gracious and nice and all that, from what the museum people said…) 

    And last I heard with Jen (last week?) she was upset about their breakup and she still has love for him and the rumor of her not wanting kids is so not true… (so she doesn’t know why B said that was one reason for breaking up.) 

    Brad was hospitalized awhile back for menengitis, supposedly contracted when he and A went to Cambodia?  Ethiopia?  somewhere? to pick up A’s newest adoptee baby girl.  (who was also hospitalized…)  Anyhow, both are doing fine now!

    Um, now I am embarrassed that I even know THAT much!!  I usually don’t read anything about Hollywood , other than the headlines in the grocery store and then the occasional story that catches my eye on Yahoo News… 
    red face

    By Holly on 2005 08 25

  2. They are always being spotted together. And i guess Brad is going to tell all soon. But it is so obvious they are together. As for Jennifer she is with Vince Vaughne, which I am not sure what she see’s in him. What a step down from delicious Brad. Oh well I don’t care waht Jen does as long as Angelina is happy. She is like my favorite person of all time. So I was excited to read she and brad might be hooking up.
    There was a picture in one magazine where Brad was carrying her new baby Zarah in a Bjorn. So they HAVE to be more then friends.
    That’s basically all I know.

    By Rachael on 2005 08 26

  3. Um.. I *think* I read something about Jen and Vince being just friends and they are ALWAYS taking the same picture of them cuddling during the filming of their movie and saying “ooh, look at how cute” when it’s a total movie shot.

    AND.. this just in.. I heard that Cortney Cox isn’t so much BFF with Jen because all the friends want to do a “Friend’s Reunion” movie thing and Jen wants to be as far away from Rachel as possible to make herself into more characters than just that one. heh.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 08 26

  4. OMG.  Can you believe we are all so enthralled with this topic.  I heard on some morning show a question asked regarding whether folks know more about the Hollywood gossip or whether people knew who their local representatives were.  Guess which most people knew?  You got it.  Everybody could name the Hollywood dirt on Brad, Jen, and Angelina.  I know I am more in the Hollywood camp.  Although I think Brad is one mighty fine, hot looking fellow.  wink 
    He is on my list! red face

    By traci on 2005 08 26