Brain, Heart, and Colon late at night: A true tale.

Oct 04, 2013


Brain wakes up, “Hey! We didn’t make kids’ lunches! It’s too late for us now. What should we do?”

Heart answers, “Um, tell them to fend for themselves?”

Brain replies, “Uh, you mean ‘Buy Lunch Tomorrow’? Sure, ok We’ve got money in their accounts for lunch.”

Stomach wakes up, “Did someone say lunch? Because I didn’t eat that today and I know it’s late, but we could really use some….”

Brain interrupts, “STOMACH! No, down. It’s time for bed. In fact, it’s PAST time for bed. Clock?”

Internal clock ticks like a bomb. It’s well past due but never seems to implode.

Crap. It’s two hours past bedtime.

Brain tells body “Enough is ENOUGH! Let’s hit the sack NOW before shit goes down!”

Colon wakes up, “Shit going down? Did Someone Call?”

Heart reminds Brain to be quite and not wake up the internal organs so late at night.

Brain tries to whisper but is in a panic now, “OMG OMG OMG we have to wake up in six hours, oh, shit, oh no…”

Colon asks again, “Did someone say shit?”

Heart has had enough and checks out. “BACK LATER” hangs on the door.

Snore takes over. “So, like, are we ready to do this or what?”

What wins. The rest is history.

Good night.