Brutally Honest Monday #2: The 80’s Prom Outfit

Apr 13, 2008

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Hiya! Did you have a lovely weekend? Yes, yes, I did, thank you. I worked, cussed out an old man at Starbucks, went to a SpaJama party and enjoyed a date night with my husband. What more can a person ask for? (Cough SEX Cough)

Well then, let’s jump right in. First, a gigantic ol’ OHMYGODILOVEYOU for those who chimed in last week. This week I have a special treat for you. It’s PROM WEEK! That’s right! PROM. Part of the inspiration for Friday’s Flashback was this weekend’s upcoming 80’s prom I’m attending on Saturday with some good friends. We’ve been shopping at Value Village (the mecca of all things grossly outdated) and I have an outfit I need Teh Amazing Interweb’s opinion on.

You might want to sit down for this.


S-E-X-A-Y. I know.

So, here’s the thing. I don’t know if the black nylons are too conservative. I think I need these leggings instead. And I don’t have the the lace gloves I wanted. Or Aquanet. But still? For 6 bucks I think it’s pretty great.

Now it’s your turn. How do I spiff this bad boy up? What should I do to complete my costume? And finally?

Would you go for an 80’s day at BlogHer? Comeon. It will be fun. PLEASE? I need to get more use out of this thing and also, IT WOULD BE FUNNNnnNNNNN.


** If you wanna play, just put a list of who else is going it and add this button. I’ll update as I can. XO

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  1. Yet another reason I lurve me some Flinger!

    By Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants on 2008 04 13

  2. You rule.  Hands down.  You are the homecoming queen of my trailer park.

    By whitetrashmom on 2008 04 13

  3. you are so rockin’ that look!

    By karla ~ looking towards heaven on 2008 04 13

  4. Hot, baby, HOT! I’m such an 80s child.

    By Karl on 2008 04 13

  5. I have been hitting re-fresh for like 30 min now woman!  And finally…the suspense is over and BOY was it worth the wait!

    All I can say is, WOW, are we going to have fun or what?!?!  You are rockin’ the 80’s attire and I love it all.  Very nice ensemble.  I will say, I think you need some more enamel-wear accessories.  Big earings, bracelets, etc.  You need to jazz it up a bit.  Wanna borrow some of my jelly bracelets?!?  What about a lace bow in your hair?

    You can borrow my AquaNet and I hope you plan to have some GORgeous blue eyeshadow and mascara on under those hot glasses!

    Can’t wait for the partay!

    By Michelle on 2008 04 13

  6. This is freaking hilarious!  I’ll have to do some major digging to find mine.  Luckily I have all week!

    By Southern Mom on 2008 04 13

  7. Oh, love the outfit… and yah, the leggings would be great, but then you would need different shows so you could see the ankle of the leggings’ smile

    I was trying to figure out if I have any of my prom pictures even on the computer… cuz my scan doesn’t work… guess I could take a picture of my pictures ::giggle::

    By Les on 2008 04 13

  8. I agree with Michelle, you need some jewelry and those leggings are a must! I’m up for 80’s day at BlogHer, how funny would a hotel full of women in 80’s gear be! lol

    By Bri on 2008 04 14

  9. You look fabulous.

    The leggings are a must.  Ditto Michelle and Bri.  You need big earrings and an armful of bracelets.

    Also, heavy make-up ala Desperately Seeking Susan.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 14

  10. I can hear “Like A Virgin” playing in the background. 

    Yep, big colorful earrings and bracelets.

    By The Hunter's Wife on 2008 04 14

  11. I think you could improvise with the leggings. Fish nets are in some stores like Target or Walmart. Definitely some big hoops and little rubber bracelets. I like the ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ idea.

    By Kat on 2008 04 14

  12. Don’t forget the raccoon eyes!  Hahahaha.

    By JaniceNW on 2008 04 14

  13. Well. Where do I start?

    The outfit is a great start, especially for $6!

    You’re right about the fishnets I think.
    Then add a big black velvet bow, a whispy ponytail and some chunky silver jewellery with those pearls.

    Or you could just add shoulderpads. They’re so 80’s they’re nearly back in style…

    By Jane @ Kidzarama on 2008 04 15