Brutally Honest Monday #3 Bring your opinions and snark

Apr 21, 2008

#Life#Brutally Honest Mondays

It’s that time of the week again! Time for you to get judgey and tell me your opinion. (Yes, this is different than any other day of the week. See? I’m ASKING for it.)

This one is easy: Keep? Or Toss?

Exhibit 1:
Old Navy sweater Circa 2000. Lime green with thick banding on waist and wrist. Comes to just below navel. Looks fab with high waisted pants.


Except that I’m afraid the short preppy sweaters and high waisted pants aren’t in anymore. Unless you’re 56 and working in the principals office at the local elementary school. And then it’s hip if you were your white sneakers so you can walk on your thirty minute lunch break.

Dude, I can know fashion.

Exhibit 2:
The Banana Republic “The Only Thing I Could Ever Afford There” shirt:


It’s black, waist length (again! what’s with that?), with three quarter sleeve. If I lift my arms, mah VERY SEXAY belly pokes out just a wee bit. Hello stretched out belly! It’s hot. Really.

Also best worn with high waisted jeans. Preferably those with stretch in the thigh and pumps. (Not Pajama Bottoms from Costco :: cough ::)

So do I keep them and hope that I’m just as hip at 55 as I am at 32? Or toss and forgetaboutit?

** If you participate in your own Brutally Honest Post, let me know, ok? **

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  1. I would toss the sweater, but keep the BR shirt.  It’s cute.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 21

  2. Toss the sweater, keep the shirt. Black is always good.

    By Ali on 2008 04 21

  3. I like the sweater, but I do not think I a a reliable source of fashion advice.

    By annika on 2008 04 21

  4. I’m channeling Stacy and Clinton and I think they say lose the sweater, possibly keep the BR shirt, since it’s a v-neck and we all know how flattering v-necks are (elongating the neck blah blah blah).
    They also say no high waisted jeans, sorry.

    By Skiplovey on 2008 04 21

  5. Definitely bag the sweater but I would probably keep the shirt for now.

    By Loralee on 2008 04 21

  6. Wow - I have a couple sweaters just like these that I LOVE and haven’t worn in three years (due to being pregnant or post-pregnant).  Maybe I need to go shopping for a new look to love?  :(

    My fashion sense, sadly, needs updating too.  (I heart your Old Navy sweater!)

    By superherokaren on 2008 04 21

  7. You could use the sweater to make cut out mittens for the kidlettes, or for yourself. (I love the color…too bad about the style.) And the shirt is cool, try it out with some capri’s maybe?

    I don’t really know if I should be talking about fashion, I seem to have lost my mind this weekend and bought a cammoflauge bikini and pants!! So you know whatever. I think I am hoping that no one sees me when I go out in them!

    By Faith on 2008 04 21

  8. I’ve noticed that the young hip-sters wear long Ts (or tanks) under shirts that are too short for today’s pants. Don’t know if that would work with these, but there you go… I’m SO unfashionable, I’m really not qualified to comment! (but I did!) wink

    By Marie on 2008 04 21

  9. Okay maybe it’s just my computer, but that sweater doesn’t look lime green from here—more army green.  I think seeing it on would help.

    The BR shirt is a definite keeper.

    By MammaLoves on 2008 04 21

  10. My rule is anything that allows my belly to eek out gets tossed. Styles have definitely gone longer in the last few years and I’ve had to update my wardrobe accordingly. I hate to say it, but I think both of them should go.

    By andrea on 2008 04 21

  11. Toss both but only because you ought to spend more money on yourself.  So there.

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 04 21

  12. Toss em both baby. I love ya…but the sweaters? Not so much. wink

    By Michelle on 2008 04 21

  13. I love ‘the only thing I could afford there’!

    I like ‘em both (only if the sweater is the more forest green as it looks in the pic, and lightweight).  I heart v-necks.

    I just bought a sweater from Eddie Bauer that is similar in style (except the ribbed bottom) and I’d better not be steered wrong by EB, for the money!

    If you like em’ keep ‘em.  Are you going for supermodel? Fashion is relative, I say.

    I’m a shoes & handbag kinda girl, anyway. I think they can make or break any outift!

    By Nissa on 2008 04 22

  14. Oh, honey, no no no!  The short sweater has definitely got to go.

    As for the Banana Republic shirt, if you can’t move in ANY direction in your clothing and feel comfortable, you should lose it (said the girl who feels the need to suck in her belly in nearly EVERY shirt she owns…). 

    It’s so much easier to tell other people what to wear than make good choices yourself.

    By Summer on 2008 04 22

  15. Toss them both and go shopping. I’m a tosser though, so you may not want to listen to me.

    By Renee on 2008 04 22

  16. I have one or two of those only-ting-i-could-afford-there things and hold on to them for dear life…. like I will evaporate from not owning something from that store.

    By autumn dahlia on 2008 04 22

  17. ew, toss both and invest in the long layered look. Also, high-waisted anything is not good.

    By The Aitch on 2008 04 24

  18. I agree with above….the long layered look is definately in. I have a long knit tank top that I am obsessed with and wear it all the time with dark jeans and a cute jacket or shirt overtop. Short sweater out, long layered tops in!

    By Shelly on 2008 04 24