Brutally Honest Monday is back and just in time for the bailout

Sep 29, 2008

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So if you were on the House of representatives, or if you were a person who cares about the Country or if you were a home-owner or a parent or a tax payer:

How would you vote for the bailout?

Consider it your first Brutally Honest Monday poll of version two point oh.

*This is totally just information and out of curiosity only. That is all. After chatting with Mr. Flinger about how far away from the people in their party most representatives have fallen, I’m curious if that is indeed fact. It’s your chance to vote in the comments below. Thank you for participating!

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  1. I’d vote against it. I pretty much agree with Ron Paul and other people who take the free market economics view of this. The crisis is the result of not having a real free market and the bailout does not address the real problem.

    Ron Paul’s speech on the floor.

    By leslie on 2008 09 29

  2. I’d vote against it for two reasons.  First because I think the financial industry has to live with the consequences of their actions.  Secondly because I am tired of Pres. Bush claiming “the sky is falling, vote for this bill that lets the government control your life”

    By Dave B on 2008 09 29

  3. Fantastic find, Leslie. I’m off to watch the video. I agree completely with your “free market” observation. I wish Ron Paul had made it further…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 09 29

  4. I’m leaning towards voting no because I don’t relish having my hard earned and paid to the government taxes paying to clean up after people who were living above their means.

    But ... I hate that I will likely lose my 401K and have to work until I’m 90. :-(

    By MariaV on 2008 09 29

  5. Les, please read my blog post from today on the topic! My knee-jerk reaction was to be against it too… after all, my husband and I both claim to be libertarians (a.k.a. government! Hands off!)... but the fact that this bill was not passed is going to have HUGE HUGE HUGE, monumental, unprecedented and devastating effects on all of us. Just listening to my husband talk about it would scare you to death.(he works for an investment company and is knee-deep in this stuff all day… he knows stuff the general public isn’t hearing) I seriously told him I want to start overbuying staples at the grocery store and keeping some cash at home.

    By Erin on 2008 09 29

  6. I should add that my husband is ALWAYS the first person saying, “Let the market work it out on its own.” ... until now. And that alone scares me.

    By Erin on 2008 09 29

  7. I’m in favor the ?We Deserve It? Dividend. as outlined in that e-mail going around.

    However, If this new bill would help me not to lose my house to forcloseure next week I am all for it.

    By Tana on 2008 09 29

  8. NO WAY. As a financially responsible homeowner, I’m absolutely PISSED OFF at the idea of bailing out both the greedy Wall Street dudes AND the idiots who tried to live beyond their means. Frickin’ frackin’. I have no coherent words for the ire I feel about this.

    Let ‘em fail and let the market recover on its own. It will be painful and difficult and probably a looong process, but it would be better than manufacturing a short term “solution” that just punts the problem off on our children and grandchildren.

    By laura on 2008 09 29

  9. I tend to agree with what Ron Paul is saying and let the markets work this out however long and painful a process it will be. Very painful as we saw today.

    We rent a home, being military we never know how long we are staying somewhere, but also we didn’t think we could comfortable buy what we needed where we are now. (A way overpriced housing market if you ask me but whatever). It irritates me to no end that people who had no business buying homes now need to be bailed out.

    I realize its more complex then that but to be honest I havent seen much news today, just singing cartoon characters. Sesame Street should start running a news ticker on the bottom of the screen but thats another whole topic….

    By the mrs. on 2008 09 29

  10. Yes, I have decided to weigh in on this on. I don’t want it to pass either.

    Donald Trump talked about asking for a loan three years ago in the amount of 200Million. They would not give it to him but did give 300Million because the commission was bigger. Let the bastards cook. Why do I have to pay over $4K for their greed and yes, there will be market adjustments but the US is still strong.

    Notice too, that oil prices jump every time the Congress looks as though the US will bail them out. Oil drops when OPEC thinks the US is in trouble.

    If the bill passes, I fear for all of us as gas will go to $8.00+ a gallon and Armageddon isn’t far off. Then again, perhaps we are fulfilling what is expected.

    By omaflinger on 2008 09 30

  11. Ok, here is the solution since Congress wants to spend our money plus they added the usual pork.

    Give EVERY FAMILY THAT HAS A MORTGAGE 75K paid down on their mortgage. Those billions are the same amount that they are spending but at least this way, everyone who owns a home has a direct benefit from the stupidity of bankers. Think about that stimulus package. It would be far better

    By omaflinger on 2008 10 02