Brutally Honest Monday: Opinion via Pictures

Jun 29, 2008

#Life#Brutally Honest Mondays

This week’s post comes to you via Mr. Flinger and the Beard That Isn’t.

Personally? I love the beard.


(And, I’m finally going to make a list of people to

meet lick at BlogHer. Just comment on the entry to get added to the list and show off your pride

germaphobia by posting a badge. If you wanna. That is.)

Join Me!

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<a href=“http://mrs.flinger.us”><img src=“http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3130/2394484739_8a1ed73b65_m.jpg” alt=“Brutally Honest Mondays” border=“0” /></a>



  1. The beard gets two thumbs up from me.

    By MariaV on 2008 06 30

  2. I’m a fan of the goat.

    By laura on 2008 06 30

  3. Mr. Smartypants is a bearded man. Love the beard.

    Tell Mr. Flinger I said, “Raaawr”

    By Alli -Mrs Fussypants on 2008 06 30

  4. Sorry, I have to cast the negative vote. I do not like hairy men…my hubby has to shave…a lot. He gets annoyed with me cause I make him shave so much. Of course his beard makes my face break out from all the stubblies.

    He can totally rock the beard though cause it looks good on him…just no beard for my man…lol.

    By Vicki on 2008 06 30

  5. i say no to the beard..

    but hells yeah to the lick at blogher!

    By ali on 2008 06 30

  6. OH THE BEARD!!!  YES!  BEARD!!  Wanna try to convince MY Hubby to go bearded in the process?  Of course, that would mean no smooches for a few days because the early days of bears?  SCA-RATCHY.

    By Seuss on 2008 06 30

  7. I like the beard…I like MY MAN with a beard…but not always the kissing with the beard?  So i’m torn!

    By Shelle on 2008 06 30

  8. HELL YES TO THE BEARD! In the NW men need the beard. It is like a badge…I love a man with facial hair. Also a bald man with facial hair….RAWWWR!!

    Will you still lick me even though I can’t go to BlogHer?

    By Momma's Tantrum on 2008 06 30

  9. I like me a clean shaven guy.

    By Adrienne on 2008 06 30

  10. No beard… beards = ick.

    Just being brutally honest! wink

    By Erin on 2008 06 30

  11. He can definitely rock the beard, but without makes him look SO much younger. In that good way, not that “you should get carded” kind of way.

    By Joelle on 2008 06 30

  12. I like the beard personally.

    By Jess on 2008 06 30

  13. Personally, I like the big Magnum P.I. mustache lol.

    My husband often grows a beard and I think it’s just so he can shave it off gradually, coming out every five minutes to show me his new creation. Right now he is rocking HUGE mutton chops without a hint of irony. He just loves them.

    By ColetteNicole on 2008 06 30

  14. WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!  I can’t get your lick me widget to work!  I just registered for BlogHer and I am really looking forward to being licked!

    By Adrienne on 2008 06 30

  15. I’m partial to goatees myself.

    By Queen of Shake Shake on 2008 06 30

  16. clean shaven always looks best to me. handlebar mustaches only work in gay bars.  goatees?  maybe if he’s a bartender.  mustache?  child molester.  and THAT is brutally honest.

    By heather on 2008 06 30

  17. I like the beard! Bring it back!

    By KA on 2008 06 30

  18. I would have liked to have seen a soul patch with long mustache.  I like the beard some, but the goatee is the winner for me (with or without the lambchop sideburns).  Definitely not the mustache only imo, but maybe a soul patch and nothing else would be good too.  Love the time lapse and the pee wee herman or whatever that one was…very clever.

    By Michelle on 2008 06 30

  19. Hmmm. Normally I’m not a fan of the beard, but he wears it well. And, if we’re being brutally honest, I think he needs to trim the eyebrows since the beard is gone. But that’s just me.

    And, um, you can just wave instead of lick. Or hug. Or laugh and fart.

    By chilihead on 2008 06 30

  20. I like either the goatee with the sideburns or clean shaven.  It’s funny to see which ones he obviously gets a kick out of!

    By Andrea's Sweet Life on 2008 06 30