Change- A Type A Mom Con Story

Sep 28, 2009


I stepped off the plane in Seattle to a cold wind and sun. When I left, only four days earlier, summer was still raging and children played in sprinklers. However, fall noticeably bustled in during my absece, taking over the breezes and leaves, making the air chilly and my unused jacket necessary.

I felt just as different as the weather.

Four days ago I stepped on a flight to Ashville, NC. The 48 hours I spent at Type-A-Mom was a transcendent experience.

I met some fantastic women. I found some wonderful opportunities to grow and expand, both in my career and in my personal relationships. I held deep and wonderful conversations with some of my most favorite bloggers. These women, plus some new favorites, and old friends, friendly faces, and encouraging smiles, gave me the courage to stand up during the “Town Hall Meeting” and say something that is near and dear to my life as a blogger:

Be who you are and you will find companies who will want to work with you because of it. You can dress it up a touch, maybe make it a touch classy, but don’t change yourself. The companies that love you for who you are will be a much better, long lasting relationship than the ones that require changes to you or your blog.

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My first experience in this was after Blissdom 09. After speaking in the vivacious, charismatic way that I do, I wondered if my client in the audience would rather work with someone more professional looking, sounding. I have a wealth of knowledge behind this trucker’s mouth. A ton of wisdom behind this post-child body. I have more to offer if I truly love working with you than if I don’t. But I didn’t know how she would feel after watching me “cracker it up” on stage.

Turns out? Molly is not only a client, but became a good friend. She not only stuck around after seeing me be myself in a professional setting, she clung to me like a lover and I to her. Ok, lover is a touch strong here, but you see what I’m saying.

I have similar stories with many of my clients.

Be yourself and your audience and sponsors will reflect who you really are.

After the Pioneer Woman linked to me, a (few) hundreds of people came by. Many were not my typical audience. Those who were, however, those who I found just as engaging and wonderful as they enjoyed what I had to say, stuck around and became new online friends. I couldn’t change my type of writing simply to accomidate a larger audience. And so I didn’t. But I did remain true to my own voice and those of you who are STILL around, are not only crackertastically adorable, but people I connect with on many levels.

For which I am grateful.

It is with this knowledge that I entered Type-A-Mom-Con this weekend. I became empowered to be the person I’ve always been, outgoing, loving to laugh, and silly. Friendly. Possibly too much so. But I felt accepted and met so many wonderful ladies that I truly couldn’t change who I am if I wanted to.

I’m thankful to Rob from Cozi for his wonderful input in the ad session. I’m grateful for MomDot for being so open and honest and infomational. I’m always thankful for my friend Alli who’s encouragement is never-ending and to Mishi and Rick for their photography inspiration and photos. I’m especially thankful to Dress Barn for the fantastic evening and outfit and to David for giving us the opportunity.

I will always be me. I hope you enjoy it. You? Are wonderful just the way you are.

I hope you know that.


Type A Mom From @SecretAgentMama
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Type A Mom From @PaperFans
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Type A Mom From @PaperFans
Copyright Rick of Tiny Prints

Type A Mom From @PaperFans
Copyright Rick of Tiny Prints



  1. proud to be one of the people who found you b/c of the PW and am glad I stuck around!  honestly, it’s because of you, that i’m even encouraged to blog more, and consider what ways I could do better.  like you know, figure out how to really do it. haha.

    By Liz on 2009 09 28

  2. You rock Mrs. F!  I love reading you!

    By carpot on 2009 09 28

  3. You look so purdy!

    By Laura on 2009 09 28

  4. Thanks for the reminder, coach!  And if you weren’t you, I’d be reading someone else’s blog.  (If you read that again, it sounds a little deep.  grin

    Also, you need to wear that orange-y top LOTS.  It’s very flattering.  Hot flattering.

    By Carly on 2009 09 28

  5. Yay, awesome entry! Digging the new look of the site, too! Rawk on!!!

    By Al_Pal on 2009 09 28

  6. Love-love-LOVE you. That is all. grin

    By cindy w on 2009 09 28

  7. Great thoughts here.

    Twitter: AboutParenting
    Photo ideas? 100 Portrait Ideas

    By Mike on 2009 09 29

  8. Reading this . . . I feel the same as I do when Alex learns a new word . . . or how to do something on his own . . . I’m so proud of my girl smile

    By Dawn on 2009 09 29

  9. Sounds like it was a pretty amazing time. smile

    By Chantal on 2009 09 29

  10. Aww, thankyou for the shoutout! I truly apprieciate it and it was great meeting you and all the other women. I love when i can actually see in real life who the bloggers are. It really helps me ‘translate’ their thoughts.


    By trisha on 2009 09 29

  11. I lurve you.

    By VDog on 2009 09 29

  12. I love you like crazy.


    By Alli on 2009 09 29

  13. I’ve been reading about the discussion/pressure to change how blogger’s blog. What did they mean? No strong language? Stop blogging on certain subjects? Change your writing “voice”? What? I’m not looking for dirt or to start anything. It’s coming up on many blogs so I’m sure it’s a concern. I’m wondering if it’s something I should be concerned about.

    By Condo Blues on 2009 09 29

  14. I had a big thing all written out, but decided to shorten it…I’m sure I’ve said it here before, but…You Rock!

    By Lynn on 2009 09 29

  15. This. Was. Awesome.
    Not just because you linked to me (I’m humbled and honored) but because you just wrote what was also on my heart. It is not about how we look, but about what we aspire to. You clearly aspire to greatness and that is why people love you. (And you’re so damn funny too.)

    By Kadi on 2009 09 30