Come out come out wherever you are

Jan 12, 2009

#Side Notes

It’s national (Inter-national?) delurking day. All official and stuff. Aimme forwarded the official email from rude cactus and it was signed in to law through congress. Or something.

So, hiya. I know I use my google reader as a crutch ENTIRELY too much. I’m sorry. It’s mostly in a vain attempt to pretend like I’m organized.

Or something.

So let me know you’re out there. I’ll be sure to say a Holla back.

If you’re uncomfortable and need a bone? Why not answer me this burning question in the minds of all Flingers everywhere:

Mayonnaise? Or Miracle Whip?



  1. Mayo, without question. And Hi.

    By Mahala on 2009 01 12

  2. HI! Thanks for being first, Mahala. :-D Mayo, hu? :: wrinkles nose :: lol

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 01 12

  3. Holla!


    By Angella on 2009 01 12

  4. Miracle Whip.

    By daisy on 2009 01 12

  5. yuck!  Neither.  hi!

    By Adrienne on 2009 01 12

  6. Miracle Whip. Totally.

    I broke out of my Google reader just to wave hi! :D

    By Laurie on 2009 01 12

  7. Dude, I never lurk. here.



    By Rachel on 2009 01 12

  8. Mayo…Best Foods

    By Laura on 2009 01 12

  9. oh, mayo. no contest. mayo with horseradish is even better.

    By shannon on 2009 01 12

  10. Oh mayo for sure.  Miracle whip = shudder.

    By pseudostoops on 2009 01 12

  11. Miracle Whip Light- no question.

    By Chris on 2009 01 12

  12. Mayo. Miracle whip sucks. Just sayin’. wink

    By Melanie Nelson on 2009 01 12

  13. Mayo always. Love the redesign!

    By Clair on 2009 01 12

  14. Mayo.only.ever.

    But my husband would say Miracle Whip. He has an excuse though, he was raised in the deep south.

    By katherynei on 2009 01 12

  15. Mayo. I cannot stand the “tangy zip” of miracle whip.

    By tish on 2009 01 12

  16. Is it a southern thing? The Miracle Whip? ‘Cause I was raised in south Houston and I SWEAR by it. Only the MW.

    And hi y’all! So good to see you!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 01 12

  17. holla!! How many people actually delurk!? I very nearly didn’t!! wink

    By Sam on 2009 01 12

  18. Mayo. I even converted hubby, who grew up on Miracle Whip, because I refused to buy the awful stuff!

    By catnip on 2009 01 12

  19. Totally delurking. smile I usually read in Google reader. Happy January 12!

    By Gwen on 2009 01 12

  20. Miracle Whip only—hate the eggy/butter taste of mayo.  *gag*

    Oh, and hi!

    By Chibi Jeebs on 2009 01 12