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Aug 03, 2010


After I blogged about my inability to make it to BlogHer this year, an amazing thing happened. You people, you, all rose up and tried to get me on a flight. And you did! You nearly succeeded! You with your amazing heart and community and passion for gathering your type around to lock arms and hug and speak bloggy with.

And ohmygod I love you for that.

My girl, Jennui offered to send me 100 dollars of her own cash. (I’m not sure that was canadian or american dollars. I suspect had it been canadian, which means it might actually be worth more at this point.) She offered not once, but three times.

Next, Lucretia sends out a tweet and a facebook update asking for a sponsor for me. A friend, David says he has one! Contact him! Let’s get me to NEW YORK.

After passing out of sheer joy, I started planning the trip specifics. EXACTLY when / how / where will I need to be / do / travel.

That’s when the details got in the way of my planning to go.

Mr. Flinger and I had to really talk it through. It was one of those conversations, you know the ones, where a sentence is followed by a long pause of silence and the other person sort of holds their breath waiting for your reply? The type of conversation where someone (usually me) ends up crying a little bit and kicking at the dirt. I was so completely, ridiculously, stupidly emo. “WOAH POOR ME, I am SO LOVED I HAVE A SPONSOR TO GO TO A CONFERENCE WITH PEOPLE I LOVE AND WAH WAH WAH I WANNA GOOOOooOOO.”

He was right to be a little frustrated with me.

We discussed what the family needs, not what *I* wanted. What would be best for the children, for him, for me. It was that thing they tell you about when you get married: The thing after the honeymoon and flowers and presents and wine.. the word.. Compromise. It was a sort of compromise that had to take place.

During the long pauses, breathless anticipation, we decided that I should not take two trips two months in a row. If I have the opportunity to go to Holland again for work, I should take that trip. I should go to Leiden, stop in Munich, and fulfill that life-desire to see the place I’ve admired for 30 years.

It felt right suddenly. Yes, I will miss BlogHer, but this month especially, is so full. My daughter is starting first grade, I will be gone next month, and shouldn’t I just sort of breathe for a few minutes after helping to launch two major projects?

So here I am. Breathing.


I’m appreciating all that you are and all that you do for little ol’ me.

And now? The CheeseburgHer girls have graciously offered to let us host a party here with Vdog.



You can have an official e-vite but please note: Space is limited. Please fill out the form if you’d like to attend. You will be contacted with an official evite.*

We’ll be available via Skype Video, recording the entire event, to post here later. If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones who goes to New York, please don’t forget to drink for me. And take pictures. SO MANY PICTURES. So we can live through you.

drink for me

The internet is an awesome space sometimes. Mainly because you’re in it.

< / cheesy mushy love love >


*This is to protect the privacy of the home the party is being held at. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Aw, you will totally be missed!  It sounds like you’re doing what’s right for you and your family (even if that sucks just a little bit).

    By Amy on 2010 08 03

  2. Doesn’t being an adult SUCK sometimes? :’(

    Glad you’ll be partying it up anyway!

    By Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on 2010 08 03

  3. Gosh darned it! I have a frequent flyer ticket…but I also have the kids this weekend. Have a great time!

    By Nancy on 2010 08 03

  4. Colleen, the only good thing about being an adult is the ability to drink. I think that’s not a coincidence.

    Nancy, we should skype party! :D

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 08 03

  5. I want to be there on Skype!!!!!

    By Sarahndipitea on 2010 08 03

  6. Aww, sorry you can’t go to…. WAIT! Did you say stop in Munich? As in Munich, Germany? As in THE CITY I LIVE IN???? When? Where? How long? Consolation drinks are in order!!

    By Kathie on 2010 08 04

  7. Aww, sorry you can’t go to…. WAIT! Did you say stop in Munich? As in Munich, Germany? As in THE CITY I LIVE IN???? When? Where? How long? Consolation drinks are in order!!

    By Kathie on 2010 08 04

  8. And in my excitement, I posted my comment twice. Hell, I may post in every 5 minutes until you get here wink

    By Kathie on 2010 08 04

  9. The Adirondacks stay open year round, come when it suits the whole gang smile

    By amanda on 2010 08 04

  10. Munich really is an awesome city. Enjoy!


    By Air Jordan Sales on 2010 08 07

  11. I want to be there on too

    By sweetie bracelets on 2010 08 09