• April 30, 2005

    Oh that conversation sounds so familiar!  Will it ever stop you wonder?  It must because people keep having more than one child.

  • April 30, 2005

    You forgot this one:
    “What’s for dinner?”
    “I don’t know.  What do you feel like?”
    “Want to go out?”
    “Can we afford to?”
    “Let’s just make sandwiches”
    “Tomorrow we’ll have to go and get some groceries”

  • April 30, 2005

    ROFL.. Y’all!

    Jan.. it’s perfect. Seriously, just hours ago. HOURS, I tell ya!

    Michaela, you crack me up. What about this one.. “Who’s turn is it for the poopy?” “Not mine.” “No, I’m pretty sure I changed the last one. It was runny, remember?” GAAHHHHH.

    Traci.. um.. I’m pretty sure our parents still talk about our crap. Don’t they? No? Whew….

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