• October 25, 2005

    Well said!  I love the quote “If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”  It’s so true.  We’d all be miserable if we were always trying to attain happiness but never actually took the time to stop and experience it.

  • texasbelle
    October 25, 2005

    okay, once again, you kick that ass. Great post and I totally identify with it. Because we are twins. but something tells me I am not the only one who feels kin to you. very very nice, hon.

  • Amy_M
    October 25, 2005

    your blog is prompting me to analyze life more…thanks!

  • October 25, 2005

    Back in the day, I was something.  I had…. whats that word?  Rbelle scratches her head passion.  I had PASSION.  Iwas a raving, bleeding heart liberal that went to conferences on womens issues and fought for women’s rights.  I was the FREAKING STUDENT GOVERNMENT President at my COLLEGE.  I met Barbara Bush and gave a speech in front of her.  I talked to her assistant about how one would get that type of job. My career counselor was all over my ass about big deal law schools, and working in DC.  I blew her off and went to a state school.  The passion remained, but with every year my passion became my husband, my family, my friends.  Over time, I have an appreciation for the women that go to DC and “make an impact.” I see the need for women like them, and yet my passion is here, in Podunk, SC, trying wreck cases.  Occasionally a social injustice is brought to my attention adn I get all riled up and handle it pro bono.  I write wills for my friends so that I know their families will be protected.  I get hugs from my clients, I hand them kleenex when they suffer a catastrophic loss.  I fight for them to get custody of their children, or I represent the kids and I fight like hell for them not to go back if necessary.  I look at a little boy that nobody wants and I feel his pain transfer into me so strongly that I want to sccop him up and bring him home with me.  You want passion?  You want to change the world?  You are doing it.  I am doing it, Erin is, YAnkeebelle is, we all are.  The truth of it is, the world will just keep clicking on, and the most important thing any one of us can do is shape the lives of others in a positive matter.  Pay it forward my friend.  None of us necessarily became what we set out to be, and thank God for that.  Who would read my blog if I was some screaming liberal politico bitch in DC?

    “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”

  • October 25, 2005

    awareness is definitely the key…

    great post leslie…

  • October 26, 2005

    Thank you.  What an inspiring post!

  • kelli
    October 26, 2005

    This was inspiring, makes me feel like I need to do some things that I enjoy doing. I had big dreams too!  But I remember most of all , I wanted to be a mom. I know when my kids get older there are things I want to do. Anyway, Thanks , it made me think a lot :0) XOXO

  • October 26, 2005

    I often struggle with that idea, of what I could be doing instead of just living this domesticated life. I know people who just go to India to learn yoga, who move to Hawaii, people who seem to just do what they are drawn to do regardless of money or what-have-you. But very often I need to remind myself that what I am doing is important too. Thanks for wording so much better than I ever could.

  • Water Girl
    October 27, 2005

    Wow… nice to finally join this little blog community (see, I’m good with all things water, and can’t sit still for a second, but am a bit slow with technology…) and be introduced to y’all.  Basically, I just wanted to say hi to y’all and thanks to Mrs. Flinger for helping me see ME through your eyes.  Yes, I am a very philosophical girlie, and so often spend large amounts of time (mostly while driving all over the place to my clients’ homes or to my wonderful friends who live TOO FAR AWAY) just thinking.  And here’s the thing… I don’t really think much of myself.  Yes, I’m happy in my world.  Yes, I like myself.  Yes, I have confidence.  But I think we all tend to minimize ourselves, our lives, our actions.  But when we’re lucky enough to have wonderful friends to point out that what we do IS important, DOES impact others and the world - no matter how small we might think our world is - it’s a pretty frickin’ awesome thing.  So, right-back-at-ya, Mrs. Flinger!  I just have to say how incredibly wonderful it was to see you and your own little growing family this weekend.  Seriously - I LOVED being a part of it.  You’re an amazing wife, mom, and friend.  You got your world together and it’s a pretty kick-ass world, my friend!  Thanks for sharing it and always being willing to jump right off the deep end with me and talk about all that shmack!  smile  Oh, and I LOVE the Paddle-to-the-Sea quote.  (I have that book, too.  I guess great friends think alike!)

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