Delurking Day twenty-ten

Jan 14, 2010



Confession: I’ve become a complete lurker. When I first started blogging in 2003, I would comment all over the place. I’d say hi, give a “helpful” reply, leave a little love. You might even say I was a comment whore.

Six and a half ohmygod years later, I’ve taken to reading, nodding, thinking and quickly turning to something shiny that’s about to break in the house as my children rush past mom on her computer again.

I’ve taken to reading your blogs on my iPhone while on the toilet, which frankly, does not lend one to want to paw the keyboard at a device that is usually held up to my face.

Just sayin’.

So today is the day for you to take the four minutes and leave a comment. Say hi. Let me know you’re still around. Hell, I hardly realize *I* am still around. But I am. Six and a half ohmygod years later.


Not sure what to say? Let me start a story for you. You can finish it up for me. “There once was a hot man at starbucks. Who wore a hat made of wool. He was reading thick books, his beard aids his looks, and he…..”

Or just say hi. I’m cool with that.


I’ll buy you a pony.


  1. Howdy! I used to be a good commenter as well, but then I found twitter. Isn’t that where I’m supposed to leave all my short and not-really-witty insights into other people’s lives?

    By Burgh Baby on 2010 01 14

  2. Burgh Baby, ME TOO! Maybe that’s it. You mean I didn’t have to confess the toilet thing? Egad.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 01 14

  3. HOWDY!!!! I do the same thing - read blogs from my iphone and it’s harder to comment from there! I was using Feedly for awhile and it allowed a preview from within that meant I didn’t have to click 50 times to get to a person’s actual blog instead of feed so I could comment…but Chrome doesn’t support feedly, so now I suck again.

    Anyway! Delurking!! =)

    By pgoodness on 2010 01 14

  4. “thought he looked kind of cool.”

    I, too, used to be a good commenter, popped out a few kids, and then had to resort to speed-reading before quickly having to prevent an eyeball from being poked out. I’m working on it.

    By Melissa on 2010 01 14

  5. “likes to hump in the pool.”

    By kristy on 2010 01 14

  6. delurking…still here…rarely comment anywhere either…it’s a sickness!

    By Kristina on 2010 01 14

  7. I’d like a pony!

    By C @ Kid Things on 2010 01 14

  8. Hi Leslie! I’m the same way. I always commented when I started reading blogs (only in 2007), and now I lurk a lot. Too much.

    Anyway, de-lurking to say hello and SEE YOU AT BLISSDOM!! (WHOOT!)

    By amy2boys on 2010 01 14

  9. I too am a professional lurker. 
    But not today!

    I too would like a pony.

    By Nenette on 2010 01 14

  10. Been lurking since last week. That counts, right?

    By Katie Z on 2010 01 14

  11. lol…. squirmy baby on lap. no time for creative thinking. but here!

    By Luschka on 2010 01 14

  12. I am so like you. I used to comment like CRAZY…and now I read, but rarely comment. I really believe it’s the stupid iphone’s fault. for real!

    By ali on 2010 01 14

  13. Not a lurker at all, but hi sexy mama!

    By cindy w on 2010 01 14

  14. Well, I haven’t been lurking for six and a half ohmygod years, but for a while anyway grin  But like some of the above, I’ve actually, y’know, said stuff to you on Twitter, so that totally counts, right?

    @pgoodness - Feedly seems to work on Chrome now (I had never tried it, but I just did on Chromium/Mac and they have an extension and it’s AWESOME so thanks for the pointer).

    By Dan Hallock on 2010 01 14

  15. Fine, you got me.

    By Sweetney on 2010 01 14

  16. I’m not a lurker but somehow got on the Delurker train and have been to new-to-me blogs ever since. This is great!

    By Jen on 2010 01 14

  17. “was luckily hung like a bull.”
    (I’m Southern.  ‘Wool’ and ‘bull’ totally rhyme in the South.)

    By Bridget on 2010 01 14

  18. I read your feed. *waves*

    By Mahala on 2010 01 14

  19. I’m here…don’t always comment, but often read smile

    By Molly on 2010 01 14

  20. The lurking started for me when I took to reading blogs on the iTouch while nursing my son.  I had just enough dexterity to scroll through the feeds - forget thumb typing a comment.
    New technology - making us more connected yet less communicative all at the same time.

    By T with Honey on 2010 01 14