Dressing Herself

Nov 23, 2008

#Life#Those Little People

Clara’s been dressing herself out of the laundry hamper as I’m folding clothes.

Today, she put on a hat. And her own shoes (on the right feet!). And my underpants as a necklace.



  1. Oh mah holy hell but she’s cute.

    Love the underwear.  Princess asked me today if when she was a mommy she would wear panties that didn’t cover both halves of her bottom.

    I died.

    I love when they start dressing themselves. It is soooo cute!

    By Rachel, A southern Fairytale on 2008 11 23

  2. Clean, I hope?  I mean the hat, of course…

    By karen on 2008 11 23

  3. Too funny! I’d be thrilled if my nearly 5 year old could get her panties on the right way!

    By Fear & Parenting in Las Vegas on 2008 11 23

  4. The underwear just makes the outfit. smile

    By Carrie on 2008 11 23

  5. Well, at least they were nice undies. Imagine if you’d had to post a picture of her with granny undies around her neck.

    By 12ontheinside on 2008 11 23

  6. At least the undies are really cute!!

    By Nette @ Smiling Mom on 2008 11 23

  7. I’m wondering if that look might catch on, need to check the tabloids later.

    (also?  Too cute.  Seriously).

    By ben on 2008 11 24

  8. She should be teaching Stacy and Clinton a thing or two!  Love it!

    By Carrie on 2008 11 24

  9. I’m reading this all “pfft - check, check.  Talk to me when you’ve got hats, gloves and capris.  In Florida.”

    But the undie necklace wins. hahahhahahahha

    By Miss Britt on 2008 11 24

  10. HAHA The Undies! But at least you have PRETTY undies.

    Oh, wait, you’re still getting laid… wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 11 24

  11. Too cute.  I thought she was wearing a scarf.

    By MariaV on 2008 11 25

  12. Well, at least it’s a colorful “scarf”.

    By CSSquirrel on 2008 11 25

  13. I often think you have the most ridiculously adorable daughter ever.  This even beats the puppy costume.

    By Janae on 2008 11 25

  14. Hey, at least they make one hella colorful outfit!

    By Treemama on 2008 11 26

  15. I’m ALWAYS walking out of the house with undies slung around my neck.

    By All Adither on 2008 11 30