Mar 26, 2010


Life is chaotic now. I knew the change was coming but you can never fully prepare for it. It’s like a pregnant mother waiting for the birth of her child. She hears all of you telling her to “sleep while you can” and “Woahboy, your first, hu? Big change is coming!” but those words are simply words. They are not experiences until she is in the midsts of it, and then it is irrelevant.

Words can be meaningless.

Or they can change your world.

The other day my Yoga instructor kept telling us to find our Drishti. Drishti, I repeated in my mind. Drishti. I knew she was telling us to find our focus. Our point of concentration. I looked up the meaning and found this definition: “Drishti is the focus of the eyes in meditation. This is the focal point where one’s gaze lies to attain concentration alignment, and inner and outer balance. One actually does this to prevent distractions, but should be looking inwardly and not concentrate on the physical object. This could be the tip of your nose or in between your eyebrows, depending on your yoga pose.” (source)

“This is the focal point where one’s gaze lies to attain concentration alignment, and inner and outer balance.  One actually does this to prevent distractions.”

I am a very distracted woman right now. I need to find my Drishti.

With the chaos at home, there is no zen. With the lack of Internet, work is sporadic at best. With the children in unrest, life is constant soothing, meeting their needs, not finding time to put their beds together because WHERE IS THE HARDWARE IT WAS IN THE BOX ZOMG.

Life… lacks Drishti.

So I find this word as powerful as the act itself. “Drishti.” I start planning ways to focus. I find ways to balance. I shift a bit left, a little right, a new list here, a meeting there. I work to re-compartmentalize my life in ways I can find peace and harmony.

And in the mean time, I remind myself words are only words until you are in the middle of the experience, however difficult that may seem.


  1. I loved this post (obviously). Drishti is the gaze you’re supposed to have in meditation—like seeing, but not seeing, relaxed lids, relaxed gaze, etc. And it’s great to carry that into yoga practice, too. I used to practice meditation and yoga with my eyes closed—Drishti is new for me.

    I’ve been working on finding FIVE MINUTES to do yoga, sitting, breathing exercise. If you can commit to FIVE MINUTES, of even just to SITTING DOWN wink, then that’s a start. The idea is that once you’re sitting, you may want to stay for a bit, and then for a bit longer.

    I have yet to sit THIS WEEK. It’s not easy. But learning about this—and GOING TO YOGA (go girl!) is a great start.

    I’m with you! Same sitch. Kids are crazy. Life is crazy. When to SIT? We need to make it a priority, for sure.

    xoxo Thanks for this!

    By Haley-O on 2010 03 26

  2. Wise words.

    I need to find my own drishti

    By Stacey on 2010 03 26

  3. I’m in market for some Drishti as well.

    One saying that always helps me when I’m overwhelmed by things at home: “One drawer at a time.” I do one thing and feel better rather than 1/2 do 100 things.

    By Brigid on 2010 03 26

  4. I am feeling that problem and I am not moving! xo to you!

    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2010 03 29

  5. I’m with you.  I’m overwhelmed with change right now.  I actually just posted about figuring out my Intent.  My personal focus smile  Rock on with your Drishti!

    By lunzy on 2010 03 29