• September 23, 2005

    Sad Day!  Another great one will come along that you’ll love.  (I’m trying to be optimistic here.)  I think things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason.  But seriously, that’s shitty.  I’m sorry!

  • September 23, 2005

    That sucks hun! Now it’s off to a big better house to find@

  • Holly
    September 23, 2005

    How sad!  I’m sure there is a nice house out there for you, I just hope you find it SOON!

  • kelli
    September 23, 2005

    Sorry you lost the house. But I truely believe the only reason it’s not yours is because there is one even more perfect ,meant just for you!:0)HUGS.

  • September 23, 2005

    ohhh I am sorry! that sucks, happen to us with the house we really wanted…but we found another, and you will to.

    where are you looking?

  • texasbelle
    September 23, 2005

    hahahaha..great post LEs…so true.

  • September 23, 2005

    I am with Kelli on this.  Your house is out there and that one was not it.  We had a similar experience when we moved to CT and after the big disappointment of not getting the one we thought we wanted, the next week we found the one we ended up buying and loved.  So hang in there!!

  • September 25, 2005

    Sorry about the house.  I like Sarangeti’s approach, while one door closes and better door will open.  Have faith.  I guess you weren’t suppose to be in that house afterall.

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