Excuses or reasons. I say both.

Jan 07, 2008

#Life#The Flinger Family#Baby O

Well, I guess it’s time to let you in on a few things going on around here.

First, I’ve been hired over at swank web style. I’ve been working with Karen, doing coding, and will begin taking full design jobs again soon. It’s been fantastic thinking about something aside from teething, bottles, and entertaining my three year old (read: I type one handed while entertaining a three year old, feeding an infant and calling the pediatrician because why is my child getting fangs and where are his two top teeth? but this is nothing unusual to a working at home mom…)


You know those nerds that always say the obvious? Humor is, in my opinion, best when unexpected so stating the obvious is never a party-knee-slapper. So why did I feel the need to start a website based on the obvious? Why did I need to start a web site dedication to not being on the Internet?

I. Don’t. Know.

Because I wanted pretty colors?

Much to the Mister’s dismay, the site is remaining up and people are loving it. They are joining the revolution! They are going to parties and wearing their badge proudly! I love you for this. Because, if I get the quote correct, upon seeing the new site the mister declared, “You are kidding me, right? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.” Stupid or not, it’s staying. And you can join.

And not-so-finally, life with two kids just went up a notch. Two days before Christmas, Baby O started this….

Three days later he was so fast at it, I couldn’t keep up. Good for the waist-line, not for the blog.

So there you have it. It’s the thirty-two year old’s version of “My dog ate my homework.” (Incidentally, my infant did eat one of my BlogHer Ad checks. I used the ATM to deposit it so they wouldn’t say no. What a little drool/rip/tiny teeth marks among friends? That’s legal, right?)


  1. I adore LB in the background smile

    I heart Swank WebStyle. Good for you!

    By Dawn S. on 2008 01 07

  2. That crawling is so sweet!  It makes me miss those milestone stages.

    By Queen Shake Shake on 2008 01 07

  3. I have no excuse, none at all.  Well except that I got a fancy new camera and trying to learn about it has consumed all my evening time (which is actually the 10 minutes between putting the monsters down and passing out.)  But that’s not a real excuse.

    You know I’m in.

    And crawling!!  I think my guy is going to “pivot and reach” for life, he has no interest at all.

    By Andy on 2008 01 07

  4. Congrats girly on the Swank job!!!!  They do awesome work.

    I love the video of Baby O. I adore that little double leg kick at the end…it’s like an exclamation point!

    I remember (vaguely…I was sleep deprived) working from home with Amelia and her entering the crawling stage and me thinking Oh shit, it’s time to start going into the office some! wink

    By Jamie on 2008 01 07

  5. Ok, first of all, what is WRONG with you?  Don’t you know you’re not supposed to encourage added mobility?  Seriously, when he starts learning to walk I want you to do the sensible thing and PUSH HIM DOWN.  Gah.

    Second, “based on a true story” almost made me piss myself, so thanks for that.

    Third, Tell that man of yours to be supportive or we’ll make your ideas all seem brilliant JUST TO PROVE HIM WRONG.

    Fourth, JOBS ROCK!  So thrilled for you.  Does this mean no more teaching?

    And finally, you blogger just for me.  Does this mean I get to call you my beeeotch now?  Is that how you spell that word?  I suck at ghetto.

    By Elaine on 2008 01 07

  6. Um, that should have read, “You BLOGGED just for me.”

    I’m a winner!

    By Elaine on 2008 01 07

  7. I adore the new design, and love the video too.  He just gets cuter!

    By YSP on 2008 01 07

  8. We are SO proud of you! Keep doing what you love for the reasons you love to do it!  We are behind you 100%!

    By Michelle on 2008 01 07

  9. Love the new look!  Love the new idea!  You know I’m in…

    And that little guys is SO CUTE crawling!  Don’t blink…everything else is gonna move ‘lightning speed’ from here on out!

    By LeannIAm on 2008 01 07

  10. I love your site design update. The green is great.
    Congrats on Baby O crawling! woohoo! They are so adorable when they are learning new things and aquiring new skills.
    talk to you later.

    By hilary on 2008 01 07

  11. LB is going to teach O how to run before you know it…thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on the new job!  Hope you get some exciting projects and some actual time to do them! :0)

    By Amym on 2008 01 07

  12. Congrats on the new gigs.

    Baby O is the cutest ever.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 01 08

  13. Love the new colors and design, very nice. I also really like the concept of BlogGuiltFree, my husband is pushing less computer staring so yeah Im all over that one. And lastly, way to go Baby O. You are awesome! The Flinger home will never be the same.

    By SJSFalter on 2008 01 08

  14. The crawling thing was so cute my uterus just spasmed.  smile You have some cute kiddos.

    By Christy on 2008 01 08

  15. Oh goodness, now you have two moving little ones!

    By denise on 2008 01 08

  16. Wearing my badge proudly!

    Congrats on the crawling!  Mine started walking on Sunday, her birthday…  Life will never be the same.

    By Andrea on 2008 01 09

  17. Love the design.

    O is so proud of himself I love when they first learn how to crawl. I also love that they only move as far as they have to and REACH and reach for what they want. So cute!

    By Veronica on 2008 01 09

  18. Wholly cow, you’ve been busy. Congrats on the new design job! And I can’t believe Baby O is crawling already. They grow up so fast.

    By Christine on 2008 01 09

  19. congrats on joining swank!! great to have you on the team smile

    love the design, very pretty indeed!!

    By shaz on 2008 01 14