Flight of the Conchords offers Parenting Tips

Jan 29, 2009

#Side Notes

Some parents need help. As the old saying goes, “There is no manual.”

No, but there are videos.

Flight of the Conchords is a great example, as the fourth largest parody folk band in New Zealand, on teachable moments through the magic of You Tube.

*In this video, we learn that being pretty isn’t a full time job, only a part time job, thus enforcing the “BE COOL STAY IN SCHOOL” philosophy.

*Here we learn healthy expectations in regards to sex: 2 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven.

*Here we find out why you don’t play with your food.

*Learning to can change my cussing habits to “Mother Ucker.”

*Possibly one of the best songs for teaching young girls that they are in control of their bodies. Oh, that’s right, the FOTC is all about the morals:

*We use this to teach our children other languages. Foux Da Fa Fa!

*Serving as a reminder on how to express your anger in healthy ways.

*Here we find out how not to judge people for where they come from.

*Also, we learn how to be sexist.

Thank you, FOTC, for giving parents the tools we need to succeed in these tumultuous times.


  1. love me some flight of the conchord!  funny stuff!  business time is probably my all time favorite!

    By natalie on 2009 01 29

  2. LOL

    By Allison Worthington ( @fussypants ) on 2009 01 29

  3. I love Business Time and the Mermaids.  They are so damn good!

    By How to Party with an Infant on 2009 01 31

  4. I adore the Flight of the Conchords.  I even have a tshirt with sheep on it.  That says Flight of the Conchords on it too. 
    Sorry, I’ve got nothing interesting to say.

    By Prosy on 2009 02 02