Flinger’s Creed

Dec 13, 2009



I grew up reciting the Apostles Creed every Sunday. I can still turn my mind off and repeat the prayer verbatim. Ironically, as I’m sitting in Sin City with a group of people I met online, I find myself creating a new creed.

A “Flinger Creed”, if you will.

We don’t believe in the Gods of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Christian Scientist or Judaism.
We believe in the wonder and amazement of nature and science.
We believe that kindness begets kindness.
We believe in the power of community, the strength of people caring for each other, the trickle-down effect of a single act of kindness.
We believe in family.
We believe in raising children to be free thinkers, to know they are loved for their choices and guide them to make good ones.
We believe you have the power to change your life. To create a new destiny. to mold a future of happiness.
We believe in the power of prayer, the knowledge of a greater community striving to find strength in difficulties, and the resulting wonder.

We believe you do not need a God to find your soul. We believe you don’t need a God to live Jesus’s words. We believe you don’t need a God to get to heaven on earth.

We believe your spirit lives forever as a memory in the community you create. For ever and Ever.



  1. Love this.

    By Brigid on 2009 12 13

  2. I love you! But I don’t love that we never talk on twitter anymore =(

    Big hugs, babe!

    By Sara@heartmychloe on 2009 12 13

  3. Sing it!

    By Amanda on 2009 12 14

  4. We sing this with you!  Enjoy the City of Sin!

    By Shawna on 2009 12 14

  5. OMG I love you! This rocks in so many ways!

    By Suzy Voices on 2009 12 14

  6. I like this…a lot!

    By Kelly on 2009 12 14

  7. I keep trying to explain exactly this to people. Well said.

    By Melanie Nelson (chilihead) on 2009 12 15

  8. Love this, but you forgot the Vegas clause…

    We believe in the insane odds of winning a lot of money from pulling slot machine arms after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

    By Nancy on 2009 12 15

  9. Great sharing.  I do believe in God.  Speaking of, thank God that we live in a place where we can all openly believe what we wish without fear.

    By Jonathan on 2009 12 16

  10. I Love the Flinger Code!!

    By pgoodness on 2009 12 16

  11. or CREED, duh…. thinking and typing two different things!! smile

    By pgoodness on 2009 12 16

  12. So, out of curiosity…prayer.

    Comes out of a spiritual place inside of us.

    To whom do you address yours? Who do you believe hears your prayers?

    Or, is it simply a therapeutic mantra?

    By sonya on 2009 12 21

  13. I believe in the awesomeness of Mrs. Flinger.  Can we add that?

    By Bejewell on 2009 12 21