For Your Easter 2 minutes Viewing Pleasure

Mar 23, 2008

#Life#Parenting Siblings#The Flinger Family

I’m learning where the older sibling “Look at me!” syndrome came from.



  1. TOO CUTE! Happy Easter to you and your family from me and mine.

    Hehe. Hope got more than twice the amount of eggs than Brady did at our church’s egg hunt today. She had it down—she would pick up two eggs at a time. Brady (who is four) preferred to throw the eggs he found.

    By hilary on 2008 03 23

  2. too cute!  smile

    By songsinblue on 2008 03 23

  3. You just don’t know how much I needed that this morning!  Big smiles!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 03 24

  4. Classic.  We watched it 3 times and my 4 year old is asking to watch it again…the boys laugh everytime she runs behind the chair.  Too cute.

    By HRH on 2008 03 24

  5. Can your kids get any cuter?!

    A belated Happy Easter to you all.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 03 24

  6. Yeah, that’s Lily too.  HEY HEY LOOK AT ME!  every five effing seconds if someone is daring to look at Anya.  Good times.

    Super cute, those kids of yours.

    By Elaine on 2008 03 25

  7. Can i just say how much I love to creepily watch videos of my family!! Your kids are hiliarious! I especially love the one with your ass in it. lol. Ring around the mamma ass I think…lol. just kidding. Love you!

    By sister flinger on 2008 04 01