Free Elmo! (And you know how much I love me some Elmo)

Feb 20, 2007

#Good News

Right now on iTunes, you can download four Elmo Videos for Free. (That’s right, Free!)

You know what that means, don’t you? I can cut back on fiber for a bit.

*I was not paid in any way to tell you about this. Unless you call being sick and searching for “Free Crap For Your Kids To Do While You Pass Out On The Couch” payment.

**Also, you need itunes for that above link to work (it’ll launch the application and take you directly to the download area). You can get iTunes here.


  1. Hooray for more pooping time!  Seriously, thank you!  I can store these on the ‘Pod and keep them for a restaurant emergency. YAY!!!! smile


    By Christine on 2007 02 20

  2. God Bless you.

    By Jenny on 2007 02 21