Mar 16, 2009

#The Early Years#Family Life

Growing up in south Houston, we had manicured lawns and sidewalks connecting each house. Most evenings the kids would ride our bikes (or hot wheels) up and down the sidewalk and in and out of the driveways while the parents stood and laughed, talked, and drank tea. I remember coming home from a friend’s house one night and seeing the parents out talking without my mom. “Mom!” I yelled breathless as I came in the house, “Mom! You gotta go outside and talk. Lindsey’s mom and Paul’s Mom and Beth’s Mom are all out there!” Then I’d grab my bike and start cruising Castlewood Dr.


I always thought it was just a coincidence that my mom liked my friends’ moms. I just sort of figured parents liked each other. I mean, hey, they were PARENTS, right? They were born that way: never young, never without kids and never without tea in their hand and conversations on humid nights.


I never stopped to think maybe I was friends with their kids because my mom was friends with their moms.


LB runs through scenarios while we drive to her friend’s house. “Your friends are with MY friends,” she says sounding a wee bit like Raffi. “Your friends are my friends Moms!” “That’s right!” I tell her giving her the illusion she totally came up with that herself. “Isn’t that neat?” I say. “Yes! It’s very NEAT.” Then she’ll go further, “My friends are with YOUR friends. Your friends are my friends mom!”


Yea, this is what driving is like for me. Repeat that conversation a few (hundred) times and you got a 15 minute car ride.


So I explain that yes! It’s great! I get to hang out with my friends while you hang out with your friends and it’s just TRA-LA-LA awesome.


She agrees.

Baby O spits something.


Last week we took this concept to another level. Now? My kids are friends with my internet friends’ kids. Wow, did you follow that?

Me either.

The 704 Gals had a reunion of sorts in Seattle last week on Lake Washington. It was a lovely reunion with babies! And booz! Possibly mixed!


We hung out together, the moms, and the boys, and realized how similar our seperate lives are to each other. How much alike our kids were. How the boys played and loved and laughed and fought just like real life friends.

And so they are.



It’s strange to think back to the days of social networking as the sidewalk BBQ. It makes me sad that my children don’t come inside and yell at me that Trev’s mom is outside watering the flowers and can I go hang out at T’s house? I’m sorry that we didn’t make a better purchase and get in a neighborhood with kids and bikes and parents. But I’m thrilled with the opportunities that are here now, through this magic box that talks to me through twitter and comments and email: Friendships as real as those here.


For us all.

**This .gif is of mah betchez and I dancing on stage to “Baby Got Back”


***The soundtrack to the post today is Jonathan Coulton - Baby Got Back and it’s dedicated to Mah Girl @Vdog and her Oakland Booty.


  1. The last photo of the kids is priceless.  I don’t know what I would do without this magic box.

    By Maria on 2009 03 17

  2. What a blessing to have such good friends, and more than that, to all have kids that get along =)

    By Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com on 2009 03 17

  3. Heee, awesome.  Good times.  Nice to see some more photos from Seattle!  :D

    By Al_Pal on 2009 03 17

  4. That’s so great!  And it’s so nice to hear that that’s going on all over the place!

    By Christine on 2009 03 19