goodbye house, goodbye mouse, goodbye nobody, goodbye mush

Oct 21, 2005

I don’t think we’re moving. I’m fairly sure we’ll take our house off the market within the week. I’m sad. However, at the same time, this gives me a bigger hope. Maybe, just maybe, we can move someplace even better. Even further. Even.. MORE.


  1. um. i don’t know about life up north but here in texas we have this amazing invention called AIR CONDITIONING and that is exactly what keeps everyone from murderous impulses. I think ya’ll are doing what you need to be doing. Plan, set goals, and then implement when the time is auspicious.

    Now, go have a cocktail, it’s friday yanno.

    By texasbelle on 2005 10 21

  2. Good luck figuring out what to do!  I know it’s hard to know the best route to take… esp when there are different options.  Hang in there!  “A year or two” may sound like a long time, but years these days go by alot faster than you’d think!  cheese

    By Holly on 2005 10 21

  3. We have that miracle called air conditioning here as well!  And thanks for making me look at houses, you are not moving and I bought a house today.  SHEEESHHHH

    By RB on 2005 10 21

  4. I hope whatever decision you guys agree upon makes you happy *hugs* Anything involved in the moving, selling, buying process blows goats, truly, suckage, till its all over.

    By Sarah on 2005 10 21

  5. We don’t have air since it is NEVER OVER 40 here. Just REALLY good heaters - Furnaces people!

    MN would be great ya know!?! We have the Mall of America AND 4 outlet malls. I mean really what more for Mr. Flinger Want huh??


    By Nicole on 2005 10 21

  6. Sorry the house stuff isn’t going as planned.  I like the idea of you saving money and moving north.  That is what you said, right?  Come on…just do it!  We can be broke together…but living in a damn cool area…no air conditioning required.  We can just sit in our cars if it gets really hot!  wink

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 10 21

  7. don’t forget about Bellingham?!?  (close to Canada! Home of famous peanut butter pie! Cheaper than Seattle!) Save up your $ and then move closer…no need for A/C here!

    long face

    By Amy_M on 2005 10 22

  8. As long as you like where you are!

    By denise on 2005 10 24