Goonies, Baby, Goonies

Apr 25, 2008

#Life#Flash Back Friday

This week’s Friday Flashback comes to me in an email reading: What was the first movie you ever saw? What was your first notable movie memory? And what effect did it have on you?

I wasn’t sure at first. I didn’t know if I’d get to play this week because how many people want to hear about how I sang “It’s a Hard Knock Life” to my record of the Annie Soundtrack when my Mother made me clean my room. (Oh, the horror! The ghastly angst!) Or how I lied and told people I was in the movie on the bus to school one day. They made me sing the entire soundtrack, which I did, and said I was the girl with the lisp. (Anyone care to tell me why I’d want to be the girl with the LISP? Seriously? Way to achieve, Leslie.)

But then I remembered The Goonies. Remember The Goonies? Unless you lived, or live, in the northwest, preferably in SW Washington or NW Oregon, you might not. Having grown up in Houston, I’d never think twice about it except that we moved to Washington in 1989 and drove by the house of The Goonies about three times a year.

I don’t clearly remember The Goonies. But I do remember wanting to kiss Sean Astin.  And being a little scared of the basement. And watching it with my eyes closed unless Sean was on screen.

Did I mention Sean? I think I was a little boy crazed as a pre-teen. (Which is evident from my Jr. High journal. Le Sigh.)

In fact, thinking back, I rarely remember anything at all about the movie minus the cute boy, the scary basement, and the fat kid. So this trailer was like a new release for me.

Do you remember?

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Do you have a debut Hollywood Film you recall? And is it different now that you look back? Or is your childhood mind sharper and more focused than mine?

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  1. Yes…I slept with a poster of Sean Astin…yes, I was a bit in love with the boy…still think he’s quite cute…even as a hobbit! 

    When we moved to the NW…we went drove to the Oregon Coast on our honeymoon…on my honeymoon I went through Astoria!  So much fun!!

    By Amy on 2008 04 25

  2. So the lisp girl went for the asthma boy…hmmmm. I loved Goonies and just introduced it to Drake a few weeks ago. Our administrator actually used one of the clips yesterday in a meeting - the one where Chunk has to do the belly dance to get in the house. (smile) Such a classic!

    By Kat on 2008 04 25

  3. I loved the Goonies. This was one of my own picks too.

    By Frances on 2008 04 25

  4. Not a mom, but I played anyway!  Neener neener.

    By ben on 2008 04 25

  5. Sigh!  Sean Astin!

    Who could forget the Goonies?  “No sign!”

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 25

  6. My first movie memory is Star Wars.  We went to the first showing and sat through every showing except the last two.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 25

  7. LOVED Goonies.

    By A (RWB) on 2008 04 25

  8. Goonies never say die!  Love that movie.  Love Astoria, Oregon. 

    Not sure what my first memory is but it could be Annie, Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back, specificially) or Poltergeist.  GAH.

    By Marilyn on 2008 04 25

  9. Love the goonies! Adore the Goonies. One of the best movies evah! I thought S.A. was pretty darlin’ back then, too.  Target has the Goonies DVD for 9.50 right now. grin You know you wanna go get one!

    By rachel on 2008 04 25

  10. First you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle!

    Goonies was a favourite when I was a young teen.  And now I watch it with my 12 and 16 year-old daughters…we all love it.

    By procrastamom on 2008 04 25

  11. The Goonies is one of my favorite movies, ever!

    By Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) on 2008 04 25

  12. I love The Goonies. My daughter learned her first curse word from that movie not too long ago. “Oh Sh!t!” from the opening sequence when Chunk dumps his milkshake on the window.

    By Mamikaze on 2008 04 25

  13. Oh, dude, I LOVE Goonies.  It’s a movie that still rocked, even when I saw it a mere 5 years ago.  It’s also on the list of “movies I can’t stop watching whenever I run across it on tv.”

    By Jenny L on 2008 04 25

  14. Confession time: I’ve never seen the Goonies.

    By ben on 2008 04 25

  15. Lost Boys. Oh, Keifer. What times we had….

    By TSM on 2008 04 25

  16. Lost Boys. Oh, Keifer. What times we had….

    By TSM on 2008 04 25

  17. I could probably have said Star Wars, too, but the one with the Ewoks. (dude, which one is that again? Tsk Tsk on me)

    I’m glad I’m not alone with the Goonie memories. I thought I totally pulled it out of my butt, which I’m wont to do. wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 04 25

  18. Oh, The Goonies.  Those were the days.  My dad and I used to watch that all the time.  He loved Chunk and Sloth the best I think.  I really need to go buy that on DVD one of these days.  smile

    By Shannon on 2008 04 25

  19. We just got a copy of Goonies on DVD for $8; our kids LOVE it!  It’s good retro fun…I thought Josh Brolin was the shit, especially with those hot shorts & knee high socks.

    Good stuff smile

    By stephanie on 2008 04 25

  20. Ben - can’t believe you have never see Goonies - you have been deprived!  I forgot about Lost Boys too, another yummy boy movie.

    I played this week as well smile

    By Kat on 2008 04 26