Have I told you I’m a hypochondriac? I am and this can’t be good.

Jun 20, 2005

#Life#The Flinger Family

I woke up today with a 101.5 fever. I’m sick, ya’ll. Achy, tummy, stuffy, sore throat sick. Also, my neck hurts. I figured it’s from being all achy? Well, the nurse just asked if I had a stiff neck, yes, I say, I do. That answer got me an appointment. Shit. What does that mean? She said, “Just to be sure it’s not something more serious.”

Now I’m scared I’m going to die.. must… google.. stiff… neck…

Oh, lord… bacterial meningitis? Spinal tap?? Surely they won’t do a spinal tap on me… right? RIGHT?!

Ok, so it’s probably just the virus LB had, right.. ok.. I’m breathing.. have all the symptoms.. am.. breathing..

“Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to survival with normal function and no deafness.” Well, that’s good.



  1. Clara had the bug last week.  Now I caught it. 

    Are you sure we don’t live in the same house coz lotsa of things that happen to you are happening to me… wierd.

    I hope you feel better Les.

    By maiji on 2005 06 20

  2. Oh no, Les!  I hope you feel better soon!  Because that just sucks.  Keep us posted, madam!

    By Seuss on 2005 06 20

  3. Sorry your sick. Get better soon! Is Mr. Flinger taking care of you?

    By kelli on 2005 06 20

  4. Feel better soon girl! That is no fun…

    By Nicole on 2005 06 20

  5. Sad day!  Get better soon!  We need you all better by the 4th of July…you are coming up, right?

    By paigeocora on 2005 06 20

  6. Google can be good, but it can also scare the shit out of you!

    By Charla on 2005 06 20

  7. I’m the same way. Rabies came to mind. (wink)

    By texasbelle on 2005 06 21