Hey, baby, what are you wearing? *edited*

May 19, 2005

I noticed something while in Seattle last weekend. There is a huge, but subtle difference in what people wear. I didn’t realize that I was still hip. Even though Portland and Seattle are relatively close if you compare SC or Maryland, say, to here, there are still some very important differences between the landscape, the people, the traffic, the cost of living and what people wear.


  1. Hey now, What are you trying to say about Maryland! Thats where I live missy, and I am a hip mama if I must say so myself. Did you check out mamac-ta’s blog? That’s one hip mama too!:0) Don’t forget we’re only 3 hours south of New York city! The Fashion capital of the U.S:0) So BRING IT GIRL! Just kidding, but we are hip!-KELLI

    By kelli on 2005 05 19

  2. Hey.. I wasn’t saying anything BAD about maryland! Very much the opposit (my good bloggy friend Erin lives there) wink Nah.. I was just saying that it’s DIFFERENT there is all. But SHHESH, Kelli! Damn, woman, you’re TOUGH! HEH.  tongue wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 19

  3. OH, yea.. Maryland has a very high concentration of cool people! Raise your hand if you’re from Maryland..

    See? That’s what I thought. Y’all are COOL!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 19

  4. I was totally kidding! I hope I didn’t sound like some freak!:0)-KELLI

    By kelli on 2005 05 19

  5. Oh man!  I just noticed that I’m no longer on your comment leaders board….so, I’m trying to catch up.  I’m wearing a khaki skirt (which I got compliments on today from the 20-something girls at work) with a black belt and a black t-shirt.  Wish I could say that I’m always this hip.  It’s not so bad being all ‘97.  I’m all ‘87!  How uncool is that?

    By Jan on 2005 05 19

  6. hmmm. today was harsh, i got a 5 minute shower before loading both chilluns into the car to meet Daddy for a crappy lunch at CHIPOTLE. urgh. jean shorts and a tye-dyed pink camisole. I have cleavage until Emma is done nursing (when my bosoms go the way of the do-do bird) and I’m damn sure going to show it. Oh yeah, and I have the ugliest pair of KEEN sandals ever. I used to wear tevas until I found these guys because keens have the rubber toe protector. rubber toes save lives, man. throw in my oldassed black leather backpack purse and that is me in a snapshot.

    By texasbelle on 2005 05 19

  7. Kelli, I knew you were kidding. So was I. smile It’s all in fun, chicka.

    MamaC-Ta, no need to be SHY! Holy Moley, I totally opened up here.

    Jan, YEY for khaki and black! A staple of mine. LOVE the look.

    Anne, dude, I LOVE my backpack purse. It’s an REI black canvas thing (not “hip” but outdoorsy hip). Yea, we rock!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 19

  8. LOL! I’m also not exactly a fashion-ista. My “uniform” is generally jeans. khakis or khaki shorts ...lately paired with a short sleeved polo shirt.  In the cooler months, it’s a long-sleeved kinda fitted shirt… Old Navyeqsue.  I wear the same damn thing every day.  :\

    By Erin on 2005 05 19

  9. Fashion and I are not friends, although I generally do better than today.  I started off in a big ol’ pair of maternity overalls and a white tee with birks.  Now I’m in terrycloth sweats and the white tee, sans birks.  My most common outfit?  Jeans and a tee.  Although I enjoy cute crop slacks and big, loose, blousy shirts.

    By Seuss on 2005 05 19

  10. Yeah, I am, as my liscense plate says (corny, I know) plain jane. I am wearing: jeans (everyday, except to church) and an old navy polo. Love polos, love them. Shoes, well either flip flops or my birks. BOOOORRRRRIINNGGG.

    By speechjane on 2005 05 19

  11. OK, you Maryland people shop at cool sounding places. Aeropastale? Hu? and Mama-C-ta with Diesel? At least I’ve heard of TJ Maxx (a favorite) and Ross. Oh, and I know what Old Navy is. Whew.

    As far as jeans and a tee-shirt… Very VERY me. Except right now when none of my jeans fit. Sadness. Apparently Polo shirts are cool. Jane AND Erin wear those. Nice change from the traditional Tee. Oh, and I’m VERY glad to hear birks are still OK. I haven’t worn mine since 1994. YEY BIRKS!

    (Oh, and yes, sweats daily. I change into my “comfy clothes ASAP when I get home. If I actually leave the house. Rarely.)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 19

  12. If it doesn’t go with flip-flops, I don’t wear it.  I am a flip-flopaholic.  I love those Old Navy polos…so soft!  My staple item is capri pants.  I will be so sad if they ever go out of style again.  Girl, you’d love Aeropostale:  cute + cheap! (sorry for rambling)

    By Charla on 2005 05 19

  13. Living north of Seattle, I admit fleece is still a requirement to living in the NW.  I too am a khaki pant girl and LOVE Tevas all summer (yes, even with the fleece!)  I do own a few polo shirts and capri pants (in khaki of course).  I got a new skirt and shirt for Paige’s wedding and my husband said I looked “great…like a mom.”  Gee,thanks—-just the look I was going for on my first evening away from the baby in MONTHS!

    By Amy_M on 2005 05 19

  14. I am currently wearing this: http://www1.talbots.com/talbotsonline/item.asp?item=A21586&h=M&a=V&BID=S20051392250257C702B998209473CA7C3A7  The pants are a little different, but not by much.  This is my standard liene of clothing.

    There used to be this saying, dress well, test well.  I lived by that.  IF I dress well, I feel better, I feel fresh and clean and that people look at me with appreciation.  I try to dress up for work and home.  Now, when its time to go to bed?  Tshirt and boxers.  Can’t always be perfect!

    By Rbelle on 2005 05 19

  15. I have no style. Sadly, I’m limited to one shop- Lane Bryant, which isn’t too terrible except they are expensive so I never buy new clothes till I *need* new clothes. Let this be a lesson to everyone, never become obese, shopping is no fun and very limited :(
    What I usually wear- a nightgown, I don’t get out much, but now that I’m cleared for exercise I’m gonna get back into walking.
    When I actually get/have to leave the house I usually wear black pants and a peasant blouse and my old lady mary janes. I had to get flat shoes when I first got pregnant with El because I have a hard time staying on my feet anyway, I needed my feet planted flat on the ground, I was afraid of falling and hurting the baby. I never got to buy new shoes because I got pregnant again so quickly… so as soon as I can I’m buying me some cute chunky heeled shoes!

    By Sarah on 2005 05 19

  16. Oh sure blame me! Haha just kidding. I am so uncool. I wear plain shirts and jeans mostly from Old Navy. Mostly because I am cheap and can shop at the outlet. Bring on the sweatpants and hoodies and I am in heaven!

    By Nicole on 2005 05 19

  17. At least you are wearing something other then sweats. Seriously I own like 3 pairs of jeans that fit and the rest is sweat pants and lounge pants. I love american Eagle. It is my all time favorite clothing store. They have extended sizes so I can even wear them now that I am huge fat ass. I try to be trendy, but I am too fat for that look most of the time.
    As for what I am wearing right now a pair of sweatpants that are cut into capris they are from American Eagle I got them pre pregnancy. I am wearing a Lifeguard T-shirt I got when I was a lifeguard like 4 years ago. It says Salt Lake County Lifeguard, and on the back says “Bosko”. I am so kick ass, don’t be jealous now.

    By Rachael on 2005 05 19

  18. Ohh well its midnight, and yes I am up, and yes I am still in my day clothes..something is wrong with this picture. I am wearing a striped old navy tee covered with a dark pink half zip jacket also old navy, pants- they are greyish capri..uhhh let me check..also old navy. Can you guess what my wardrobe consists of? oh..and I had some pink and white nike flip flops when I left the house. My everyday wear? uh tshirts, capris (or my one pair of fav jeans) and flips in all colors. I have introduced myself to Aeropostale a few months ago, and slowly my entire closet is getting filled with it. Cheap, cute, and cheap. smile I love it!

    By Bree on 2005 05 19

  19. ROFL! We are all so fashion impaired! Except for RBelle who I vote should no longer be able to post here because her Talbot’s outfit is just way too damn cute. 

    The rest of you? We need to meet up at Old Navy and Aero for a shopping spree! I need more khakis and tees! wink (I have plenty of polos right now because I am cool like that!) ::high fiving Jane:::

    Has anyone else noticed how every store carries the polos now, but with something different embroidered on the chest? My Aero ones have a butterfly, my old navy ones have a whale and I have ones from somewhere else that have something too, but I can’t remember what…

    By Erin on 2005 05 20

  20. I forgot to say what I am wearing tese days. Tight iow riders 2 sizes bigger than what they would be! Baby weight , don’t you love it? Some type of heel , skinny or platform sandals to add some height. Everyone always thinks I’m tall but really I’m only 5’6. I always have some type of heel on. Oh, I’m with Anne on the cleavage thing. Usually a tank top or something . Except they are starting to shrink now since Gianna weened herself. :0( I use to have to harness these tig ol bitties. But no more. Eventually I’ll bend over one day and they will look like those bags that the caramel comes in from Starbucks! Have you ever seen them?

    By kelli on 2005 05 20