His first video

May 10, 2007


Little Man will be staying put until the already appointed eviction date.  As much as I’d like to kick him out early, I also know I’ll be screaming to put him back in about two weeks later, so I’ll just use this time to freshen up my mad nesting skillz and organize the closets and myriad of children’s clothes he’s already accumulated.  We’re all just about ready. We’re putting the final touches on things like “put together cradle” and “wash clothes” and “install car seat.” LB is repeating what happens when mommy goes to the hospital and how she’s a big sister just like Dora.  (Including how Boots is also a big sister and will be coming home from the hospital with her baby brother. I let this one go.)

Since we have four weeks until we meet the little man first hand, I’ll be re-watching his Ultrasound Video over and over. Thank god it’s not VHS. I think I’d already ruin the tape by now.


**What you see here is my favorite 2 min segment from our 32 week ultrasound. The gal tickles his back with the wand and he arches in response, then pushes his nose on my uterus, which looks like a screen in the video. He smiles, grins, opens and closes his mouth and then tries to eat the umbilical chord. Yes, I realize it’s nearly impossible to actually get all of that from this tiny video screen, but I assure you, he’s extremely active and completely hilarious. If your his parent, that is. I think shortly after I cut the video off here, he tap-dances and looks directly at the camera and says, “Hey yo!” but I didn’t want to show off or anything.

***You’ll need the quicktime plugin to view it.


  1. So cool, Mrs. F!!!!! SO cool.

    By Marie on 2007 05 11

  2. Aren’t the 4-D ultrasounds the coolest thing ever!?  The only good thing about having this gestational diabetes is that I get them regularly.  It’s just so neat to look at the pictures and realize that my little guy has his daddy’s nose and see him as a little person instead of a whitish blob that kicks me and keeps me up at night.  I can’t wait to meet my boy, and I know you can’t either.  Five weeks until my due date, and I’m looking forward to yours too!

    By LauraLou on 2007 05 11

  3. So exciting.  D-Day is fast approaching for me as well.  Just 2 more weeks!!!  I’m about to lose my mind trying to get this house put together.  My “to-do” list keeps getting longer and longer and nothing is getting crossed of, is that normal?  LOL.  Silly nesters. 

    Wait a minute, I just said 2 weeks, that is 14 days *goes over list in her head again* OMG!  excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag and pass out on the couch from fear of birthing the second big headed child.

    By Domestic Diva on 2007 05 11

  4. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only prego extending her list to include random bits. I realize four weeks seems long but it’s taken me an entire week just to “clean off kitchen table” which was item 3 on the list.

    Uh. I’m in big trouble, y’all!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 05 11

  5. This was so cute to see your baby on video! 4D wow its so much better than 3D! I had 3D ultrasounds done with my last baby! I thought that was amazing..NOT as good as yours! Thanks for sharing! I did see him do everything you pointed out!

    By becky on 2007 05 11

  6. He is so cute!  Love the video.

    By Marjorie on 2007 05 11

  7. THAT is amazing.

    By aimee / greeblemonkey on 2007 05 11

  8. Wow…I’ ve never seen ultrasounds like that…I only got the old skool ones~amazing!  He’s cute already

    By baseballmom on 2007 05 11

  9. Just amazing…You’ll be holding him soon!

    By AmyM on 2007 05 12

  10. Thanks, y’all. I kept meaning to post this ... for about three weeks? or so? But you know how it is these days…

    oh! Look! Something shiny! Gotta run.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 05 12

  11. Oh, I would’ve used up the VHS by the end of the first day with this video!

    By SaraS-P on 2007 05 13

  12. i just told my husband it might be worth considering having another just so we can partake in the new technology. 

    that is so precious!

    By piglet on 2007 05 17