How do you do it?

May 24, 2005


I don’t have my shit together. I don’t. I might look like I do? But I don’t. Hell, I don’t even think I look like I do. Let’s be honest.


  1. It’s simple Leslie:
    MY HOUSE IS ALWAYS MESSY. Hence, I am a happy blogging mommy.
    tongue wink

    By speechjane on 2005 05 24

  2. Let me just say…you don’t want to walk into my bedroom.  That’s my breakdown.  I just cannot get all my shit together in there.  Oh, and the toys?  All over my house.  It’s ok.  We aren’t superwomen, just human.

    By Charla on 2005 05 24

  3. Toys get picked up like every other day, floor vacuumed only when it desperately looks like it needs it or I know guest are coming. The only reason my house isn’t a complete shit hole is because DH helps to keep it straightened up. The only reason laundry is done is because DH does is, I only do it when the kids are out of clothes or I have no clean underwear. My only complaint is the lack of time I get to spend with DH because of his job and Anna’s colic.
    I make time to pop on and check the blogs and write in mine because its my only source of interaction with adults because I have no friends here, and I’m honestly too shy to go out and find a playgroup/mommy group. Plus this way I can sit in my ratty nightgown, boob hanging out, hair in a greasy ponytail, smelling of spit up and baby food.

    By Sarah on 2005 05 24

  4. 1.  I have a maid
    2.  See Number one.
    3.  I have a job that has some time for blogging.  Or like today when I was waiting to fire someone I had time to nervously blog surf. 
    4.  Everything is tightly scheduled.
    5.  I constantly wonder when the day will come that I just drop of exhaustion.  Today?  I spent last night housesitting so I was up and dressed by 7, came home, kissed babybeaux and Mr. Belle goodbye, got babybella ready, took her to school, went to work, worked all day, skipped lunch, fired office manager, picked kids up at 6, drove BACK to the office with the kids, RACED to moms to let the @)#(@)# dog in because it was raining, came home, cooked dinner, put babybeaux to bed, bathed babybella and put her pjs on, and now I am sitting in front of tv with a glass of wine.  Whew.  I am more tired from typing that than I was from DOING it.

    By RB on 2005 05 24

  5. I have all that! I’m wondering how I’m going to keep up with this and I just started! You should really see the floor in our room! There is always clothes to fold, wash or put away. It was like that before blogging but it should be better now that Gianna’s a little older. I don’t have a dishwasher so I had to force myself to do the dishes instead of jumping on here. I should be in bed right now because baby will probably wake up at 5:30 again. I’ve decided that blogging is like another child. It needs a lot of attention but it’s very fullfilling while your doing it. However, I really should find a better balance with everything. If I had a maid that would be great! Thats the main thing thats putting stress on my blog time. I do have some Ants, and baby and I both need a bath!

    By kelli on 2005 05 24

  6. RBELLE YOU HAVE A MAID! Damn cheap gas, cheap houses, and maids. I am so moving!

    By Nicole on 2005 05 24

  7. Oh shoot forgot my original comment! Do you see what time it is? That is how. Midnight is mommas prime time to MYSELF. Sleep is overrated I guess these days right? Ha well my managers seem to think so! Other then that - Blogs first, then house work. Make hubs do the rest. Done. Taken care of. Seriously - he does a whole lot around here since I am domestically challenged to say the least! NOW I am heading to bed!

    By Nicole on 2005 05 24

  8. Underwear by my bed, tucked in drawers, stuffed behind pillows (you know, from those moments of Nah-stay spontaneous sex…wait, let me stop laughing for a second). 

    I couldn’t tell you the state of our laundry, because my husband does it.  My car could end up being used as evidence that I am an unfit mother…I think McDonald’s drive-thru workers think I live in it.

    Do dogs actually get baths?  Hmmm…

    Martha Stewart, I ain’t.  A happy mommy, I am. 

    This also kills about 5 e-mails or phone calls a day because my parents and other relatives read my site (Hence why you will not see the NahStay Mari or tips for oral sex). wink

    By Mari on 2005 05 24

  9. It’s midnight and hello, dammit! Emma woke up screaming, Shan got pissy about it,and here I am with a teething baby crashed out in my arms. Today it seriously felt like all I accomplished was cleaning up one mess after another.  There was next to nothing to show for it. I didn’t make dinner, I didn’t really even leave the house. I did however cobble together an experimental batch of sangria that should be ready to sample wednesday evening. Are you in or what?!
    I am starting to get why people go crazy when their kids move out. You spend so much energy day in and day out, taking care of every little thing, and then they take the hell off, leaving you to your own devices. This is why having outside interests/a career/other plans is so freaking important. Blogging should also help. Do you think we’ll all still be keeping up with each other in 18 yrs? How crazy/awesome would that be?

    By texasbelle on 2005 05 24

  10. I have to ditto Annes thought.  I mean, what happens if one of us disappears?  Do we worry?  Will we be BFFs in 18 years?  What does the internet world mean as far as long term friendship?  Will we ever actually meet in person?  How much does a ticket to Texas cost cause I want to try Anne’s sangria.

    By Rbelle on 2005 05 25

  11. Being able to squeeze in some blog time at work (at lunch of course) is the only way I can do it.  And have you noticed lately that my blog posts are become more of a weekly event than daily?  I do get to read my favorites most every day but that’s about it.

    My house is a mess too.  I TRY to pick up clutter in the main kitchen/family room area every couple of days because it just makes me crazy to look at it.  But the rest of the place?  Fuggedaboutit.  Bathrooms are let go until I CAN’T stand it anymore.  Vaccuming happens basically only when company is coming.  Luckily my hubby cooks so that is one less thing to worry about.  But that and the yard work are basically ALL he does (don’t get me started on that).

    To sum up…No, I most definitely do NOT have my shit together.  But blogging gives me time for myself and I think I need that more than a clean house right now!

    By Carolyn on 2005 05 25

  12. 1.  I have my MIL who cleans the house during the day and has dinner on the stove when I get home. (So cross cooking and cleaning of my list)
    2.  I have a job that is generally busy for the first hour of the day so that leaves me 7 hrs worth of free time to bloghop.

    If not for these two things, the house would be messy, my family would always be eating take-out, the laundry would pile up, and I wouldn’t be in this happy place that Leslie has set up for us.  grin

    By maiji on 2005 05 25

  13. No kidding, y’all! This is where mommies get their fix and daddys do the laundry. Yehaaaw!  cool smirk

    Rbelle, I’ll buy a ticket with you. Sangria sounds YUMMY. And Y’all, you BETTER still be blogging and reading about LB when she’s 18. I’ll TOTALLY need help parneting then!

    Mama-C-Ta, I was looking at my archives recently from when I first got home with LB. Talk about free therapy! Yes, you’ll blog. Trust me. You’ll blog. raspberry

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 25

  14. I haven’t been doing much surfing/stalking (love that!) lately. I don’t know how some people do it either!  Now that the weather’s getting nice (finally), I probably won’t be in at the computer as much when I’m not working…  wink

    Have fun on your trip!  Boy, do I hear you with the planning. We’re talking about a camping trip with our little guy, sometime this summer. I’m already thinking of all kinds of things & scenarios in my head…

    By Marie on 2005 05 26

  15. ps - my upstairs is a horrid mess. I close the bedroom doors when people come over. I just keep the bathroom reasonably presentable, most of the time…

    By Marie on 2005 05 26