• April 9, 2009

    I made a Maddie background if anyone would like to use it.

    Thank you for sharing the instructions!!

  • April 9, 2009

    woot! well done!

    and by the by, I had to use the find command (open apple F on a mac) and search for background to find all the places I needed to change the color.

  • Al_Pal
    April 9, 2009

    OMG thank you!!!

    I’d got the text colors changed but had given up on the background.

    hallelujah, sister!  raspberry

  • April 9, 2009

    Great idea!  Do you know if it’s possible to change a Tumblr background?  I’m an idiot at this sort of thing.

  • April 9, 2009

    Hi Kelly, I know you can, but I don’t have a tumbler account. My husband, does, though. I’ll look at his setting and see where you do it. smile

  • April 11, 2009

    Thank you! If I can figure this out without breaking my blog, I think anyone can do this. Really appreciate it, even if the reason for doing it breaks my heart.

  • April 11, 2009

    Thanks sweetie!

  • April 11, 2009

    Oh, thank you!  I never would have known where to look or how to make the changes without your instructions.  MUCH appreciated!  <3

  • April 15, 2009

    Awesome tutorial… very helpful for those that aren’t too familiar with CSS and coding.

    Two thumbs up!

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