I always knew I was Demi and he was my Ashton

Feb 11, 2010

#Life#Rants and Raves

We don’t “DO” Valentine’s Day. We never have. We do “The Discount Chocolate Day” on February 15th, but not a day before. We do “let’s go to the mountain today” or “let’s make home-made cookies” or “let’s go to the beach” but we don’t do Vday.

Vday is too.. I dunno.. Venereal sounding for me.

I’ve always told Mr. Flinger if I asked him to do something nice for me on Valentine’s day it means he’s in deep shit. VERY deep shit. Instead, I prefer not getting a dozen roses or a card with a half-assed scribbled, “with love, your-husband-that-sleeps-next-to-you-every-night-remember-me?” He better be making an effort to love the me other days of the year and if he’s not, he will have to do much more than get a card or purchase some diabetes-inducing chocolate. He better buy me an island in the Pacific.

So we don’t do gifts. We don’t do a special dinner. We don’t do a date night or a holiday or a trip.

Instead, let’s all gather around and watch some fantastically fun songs. Shall we? Gather hands now and sing along.

Lalallalalalal Let’s Make Out! Lalallalalalalalal Let’s Make Out!

Let’s Make Out from Mrs. Flinger on Vimeo.

I love you more than a kid loves candy. More than a PMSing woman loves chocolate. Well, almost as much as that last one.

Love You More from Mrs. Flinger on Vimeo.

And if that doesn’t make you smile, here’s a little more “risque” card:


Who says I’m not romantic?

I’ll even make some good-carb pancakes for the children in the shape of a heart with some strawberries just for Love-Day.

Are you gagging yet?

I am.

In the spirit of Ashton, let’s all tell the people we hate on Valentine’s day how we really feel and go back to loving our people the rest of the year. Deal? Deal.


  1. Totally not gag-worthy.

    I love that guy I married more than everything.

    By Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing on 2010 02 11

  2. I love that idea. Let’s make out!

    By Julie @ The Mom Slant on 2010 02 11

  3. Oh my gosh I love that card! Haha

    By Mary Jo on 2010 02 11

  4. OMG, I love the videos. Thank you.

    By thepsychobabble on 2010 02 11

  5. I love you so (much) hard(er)!

    By Chibi Jeebs on 2010 02 11

  6. We hate valentine’s day, too.  My husband spends the first half of February answering the “So what are you doing for your wife for Valentine’s?” question with “nothing. No really, she doesn’t like it.  NO, REALLY, SERIOUSLY.”

    By Jen on 2010 02 12

  7. First, I love your blog. Second, if you get the island in the Pacific, I’m inviting myself. Third, this = hilarious!

    By The Ranting Mommy on 2010 02 12

  8. Totally hilarious! Thanks for sharing.



    By Supa Dupa Fresh on 2010 02 12

  9. I don’t do Vday either… too commercial… just a waster of money… But I do love great posts and great videos on vday :D

    By Pretty Polly on 2010 02 14