I am not a very nice person sometimes

May 26, 2005

I am very very very evil.


  1. ha ha ha ha…..we love that song! gee thanks…..Connor is standing here dancing right now!

    By speechjane on 2005 05 26

  2. Lily happened to walk in while I was listening. “Elmo!” she cried and now she won’t leave. Thank you too much you evil hippy.

    By texasbelle on 2005 05 26

  3. “And to think, he wrote it himself!”

    By Erin on 2005 05 26

  4. It’s better than “This is the song that doesn’t eeeeeend…” which is what I’ve been singing for the past two weeks smile

    By Seuss on 2005 05 26

  5. It’ll be a suprise, Mama-C-ta. Muhahahaha…  cool smirk

    And Karyn, I KNOW. That aquarium song is the worst! Kills me.

    And thanks, Seuss. Now *I* am singing it. ACK!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 26

  6. I’ve always said that one evil deed deserves another   cool smile

    By Seuss on 2005 05 26

  7. ya just had to leave us with that, didya?


    By maiji on 2005 05 26

  8. I agree on the aquarium song! It’s depressing! whats up with that? The old aquarium that Hailee had didn’t make you feel like you were in a horror movie. I just leave it on the waves and bubbles .

    By kelli on 2005 05 26

  9. Ahhhhh…my husband gets that into his head and changes the lyrics to dumb things around the house “la, la, la, la….sammy dog” Sooooo glad he wasn’t home to hear this!

    By Amy_M on 2005 05 26

  10. HA- good thing I had my sound on mute when I tried to play it!  Then I read the comments and was GLAD!  You ARE evil!  LOL

    By Holly on 2005 05 26

  11. Muhahahahahaha…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 27