I asked for a barn.. I got a barn.

Apr 18, 2010


A long while back, I asked for a barn.


Today, I have a barn.

There’s something about moving to “the country.”  And by “something” I mean A HECKOFA lot of work.

There’s the septic system that can be blocked by trees.

There’s the old kitchen oven that may or may not work.

Perhaps you lose a hen. Or two.


There’s the riding lawnmower that worked.. once.

There’s the weeding, the garden, the broken chicken coop.

There’s the jeep hand-me-down that has a dead battery and YET! We somehow manage to love it.

Man, er, woman powered

All 1.0 acres of unkempt house and yard is ours.

With our very own barn.

At last.



  1. It’s perfect.

    So happy for all of you!

    By Carrie on 2010 04 18

  2. What a wonderful world for your children to grow up in!  How perfect… for all of you!  smile

    PS… I live in the city and have tree root sewer problems.  I feel your pain.  argh.

    By Kristel on 2010 04 18

  3. Hooray! A barn!—I love how your kids spread out as they play, owning the place!

    By Susan @WhyMommy on 2010 04 18

  4. Welcome to the dark side, honey.  Before you know it, you’ll have chickens for that chicken coop.  Then you’ll have 20 and wonder what the hell happened to you.

    Ask me how I know.

    By Elaine on 2010 04 18

  5. It’s just so awesome, eh?!

    By Secret Agent Mama - Mishelle Lane on 2010 04 18

  6. YEAH! Can’t wait to see pictures of the animals (and chickens) you put in that lovely barn.
    grin I am so happy for you…

    By hilary on 2010 04 18

  7. It’s so idyllic…!  I almost feel as though you’ve gone rogue.  I foresee preserves (or at least swearing about putting up preserves) in your future.  grin

    By CitricSugar on 2010 04 18


    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2010 04 18

  9. well, how cool is that?! congrats!

    By wendy on 2010 04 18

  10. Radness. wink

    By Al_Pal on 2010 04 18

  11. Love the pics!

    By laprimera on 2010 04 18

  12. I grew up with all of that. 1.0 acre, red barn, horses, chicken coop, with chickens, and at one point, pigs.

    Now I live in the city. Well, metro suburbs. And I love it and wouldn’t change it.  I do miss the horses.  But funny how you want it different from how you grew up.  Or maybe that’s just me.

    Congratulations, Leslie. Glad you are so happy.

    By Tina @ Send Chocolate on 2010 04 18

  13. So happy for you and your family!!  Enjoy the “country”.  smile

    By mommabird2345 on 2010 04 18

  14. Oh my stars, I’m so jealous.  I dream of even half an acre.  *sigh*  So when’s the door open for brunch?  :D

    By Lanna on 2010 04 19

  15. I would kill to have chickens.  My neighbors would kill if we did.  Get chickens.  That would be awesome.

    By Kristen on 2010 04 19

  16. Random: Did you shoot these pics w/a lensbaby? Or is this photoshopping at work?

    By Miss Grace on 2010 04 19

  17. I’m so envious of your new life. Seriously AWESOME!

    By IzzyMom on 2010 04 19