I like my cars like I like my jeans: Compact looking, roomy inside.

May 07, 2007

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We’ve hit another milestone in life, much like the expanding wardrobe and increasing panty sizes, our cars are feeling a little too tight lately. I’ve had a Subaru Outback Sport (see? I’m SPORTY! My car says so!) for about five years now. Five years ago children were a mere mention. One child, let alone two, was hardly conceivable and as a single woman with a nice job, I was able to make whatever decision I wanted. I wanted sporty. Because? I felt sporty.

Just like Guess Jeans, my car isn’t meant for a behemoth pregnant lady coming dangerously close to weighing the same thing her husband does. In fact, we’ve recently traded cars so my belly would fit behind the wheel and I could get the SheChild in the car without breaking a disc or giving myself a hernia.  That’s right, Internet, we’ve “de-balled” the Xterra and placed them in the mason-jar next to Mr. Flinger’s. Last week he climbed in the Xterra, looks around, sees cheerios on the floor, toys strewn about and Dora blaring from the CD. “Oh, Jesus, the man-mobile has been neutered.”

It’s time to update the Subaru. It’s time to let go of “sporty” and find something “practical.”  I’m not ready for a mini-van but I’m not trendy enough for a Prius. What I want is a smart, sensible, reliable vehicle that gets a million miles to the gallon, can fit two car seats comfortably, two adults, a stroller, diaper bag, gear, and have an iPod hookup. That the equivalent of Eddie Bauer jeans you find on sale that slip just over the hips snugly, lift and contour the ass nicely, and leave a little room in the leg with a slight flare.

Any suggestions?

Because If you hear me ask if this car makes my ass look big, you’ll know I caved.


  1. I just got me a used Passat Wagon. I love it. Alot. smile

    By speechjane on 2007 05 07

  2. You might try the Toyota Rav-4 or the Highlander.  They both get decent gas mileage and the new Rav-4s are quite a bit bigger than the older ones.  There’s also the new Camry, which I love, if you want something sedan-y.  They have the hybrid version, but it’s much more expensive than the regular and probably not worth the better gas mileage.  Oh, and skip the Prius, it’s not big enough for two kids.

    Full disclosure: my dad works for Toyota, so they’re the only cars anyone in my family drives and thus the only ones I know.  That said, they do run forever with very few problems and we’ve all been happy with them for the past 20 years.

    By LauraLou on 2007 05 07

  3. I’m big on the Toyota’s, which LauraLou mentioned.  Also, I’m a huge Honda fan.  When my Civic got totaled by an idiot not paying attention as he drove his gas-guzzling whore of a Ford 250 through a parking lot, we were looking into either the Toyota Highlander, or a Honda Pilot.  Unfortunately, finances dictated that when my mother-in-law offer her ‘03 Ford Escape to us at less than half of what it would have cost to buy any one of those vehicles from anyone else, we couldn’t refuse.  So now I’m stuck with a Ford.  I hate Fords.

    By Amie on 2007 05 07

  4. Children “hardly conceivable.”  Ha!

    I always recommend Toyotas.  Whatever size you need, buy it from Toyota.  I learned to drive on a Camry, then had a Camry of my own, then a Corolla, and now a Sienna.  Love Toyotas.  My parents have a Highlander, which they love.  We have a Ford truck and we Hate It.

    By Swistle on 2007 05 07

  5. We recently bought the Honda minivan and are loving it.  YOu can get an ipod add-on to the entertainment system.  We got the dvd player and navigation system and have found both quite nice.  I didn’t think I wanted a mini van either but they aren’t that bad really.  They are so much more comfortable than a car once you add in a baby and 2 dogs.  In the higher end models, half of the pistons or something cut off when you hit a cruising speed so the milage is somewhat better than you might expect.

    By Becky on 2007 05 07

  6. I don’t know why moms don’t get minivans! They are comfortable, easy to drive, and designed for carting kids of all ages. The SUV as a kid-mobile is ridiculous! Its the equivalent of wearing a hoop-skirt. Stuff between you and the world that you just have to manipulate, it adds to your appearance but completely non-functional. I see those moms getting their kids out of the minivan, and it just looks easy.

    By Lisa on 2007 05 07

  7. I’m also in the market for a bigger car in a few months. I’ve caved and am totally going with a minivan..but not just any minivan. Nono..the Buick Terraza


    because I love it and it loves me back. Also..I already have a Buick Century..and lemme tell ya..that thing is like..the greatest..most comfortable car I’ve ever been in..has room for both boys..plus a 3rd carseat if someone else is riding along with us..and enough room in the trunk for at least 4 bodies. PLUS it gets all sorts of great gas mileage.

    But..I may end up popping a 3rd kid out one of these days..and it’d also be nice to have room in the car to ya know..pick someone up from the airport or something if we needed. So THAT is why I’m dragging my sorry ass on over to the minivan side.

    By Abby on 2007 05 07

  8. After having our Xterra for 7 years, we just added a new Pathfinder to our family.  We had to have something that would, um, HOLD the whole family, and we love Nissans (it’s my third).  The 2007s do come with iPod hookup, too!  So far I just love it!

    By Charla on 2007 05 07

  9. Gotta tell ya, I was dragged to the dealership kicking and screaming practically…. but I LOVE my Chrysler Town and Country minivan! You can’t beat the room (for both kids AND their stuff AND your groceries) and the fact that I don’t have to lean down and our hoist myself up (a la SUV-style) to put Ben in his carseat? Awesome.  I think it does make my ass look big though. wink

    By Erin on 2007 05 08

  10. My friend adores her Town & Country (2 kids), and I am voting in the motion for a Highlander. That’s what I drive and it’s awesome. Feels tall and mighty, but drives real smoooooth. smile

    By el-e-e on 2007 05 08

  11. i’d go for an escape…they come in hybrid!

    By Mrs. M on 2007 05 08

  12. Honda pilot, seems sporty yet safe, since its an assault vehicle, as the wife likes to call it. Plus, it also comes as a hybrid for the environment.

    By Sparky Duck on 2007 05 08

  13. We have a Toyota dealership, so I’m biased of course, but the Highlander is what I would have if we had two kids instead of FOUR!  (I messed up my vehicle coolness with all this procreatin!)
    Highlanders comes as a hybrid as well (did someone already say that?) so, to maintain your hotness and love your car….TOYOTA HIGHLANDER!

    By Sonia on 2007 05 08

  14. I drive a Ford Freestyle.  They call it a crossover, which means it is a cross between an SUV and a wagon.  Several manufacturers have their own version. Nissan calls theirs the Murano.  I love it!  I had a minivan, but the A/C broke last summer and we decided 2000 bucks would be better spent towards a newer car, rather than repairing it.  I loved my minivan, but I like this car even more.  It holds all of us (4 kids in some kind of carseat) comfortably.  There is not the interior room of minivans, but we weren’t using that anyway.  I don’t know what tech options it has, as we weren’t shopping for anything beyond a cd player.  It gets decent mileage.  It is technically bigger than Ford’s Expedition on the inside, but not significantly.  Ours seats 7, but there is one that seats 6 too.  Like I said—I love it.  It drives like a car, but has room, and we use it when we go places sans kids but with other adults.  Check out other manufacturers versions if you don’t like Ford.

    By nicole on 2007 05 08

  15. I also have a Passat Wagon. It’s not as fuel efficient as I’d like, but I love it otherwise. I drove a Saturn Vue hybrid for a week and liked it as well, although I think my wagon has more functional cargo space. Most of the internal square footage in the Vue was height, whereas in my wagon it’s length.

    Good luck, and resist the van.

    By Amy Jo on 2007 05 08

  16. I also have a Passat Wagon. It’s not as fuel efficient as I’d like, but I love it otherwise. I drove a Saturn Vue hybrid for a week and liked it as well, although I think my wagon has more functional cargo space. Most of the internal square footage in the Vue was height, whereas in my wagon it’s length.

    Good luck, and resist the van.

    By Amy Jo on 2007 05 08

  17. I second Mrs. M. and Nicole. I drive an explore and it’s my 3rd. I totally love it for shoving in multiple cherubs.

    By erika on 2007 05 08

  18. My neighbors have a Ford Explorer and a minivan. The Mom just told me how much she likes the minivan over the Explorer. Very roomy & easy to get stuff in & out.  I think vans are awesome, but can’t justify one with one child, really. We have a Subaru Legacy Outback wagon & it’s plenty roomy. It would be cozy with 2 car seats (no seating for anyone else!) , but it would work. Great cargo space in back! The crossover thingys look really sweet too…

    By Marie on 2007 05 08

  19. I know you’re violently opposed to minivans, but the Toyota Sienna is awesome. I’ve just about badgered Brent into getting one. Right now I’m driving a Galant, and it’s just not big enough for all the toddler gear.

    By Kate on 2007 05 08

  20. Another suggestion- Jeep Liberty. My sister has one and it kicks ass!

    By Kate on 2007 05 08