Posh (Not Spice)

Jul 28, 2007


  1. That is the best picture ever.  Just adorable.

    By heather on 2007 07 28

  2. Very sweet….. bound to see milions more adorable photos of him before he leaves home eh?

    By Chris H on 2007 07 28

  3. Too cute!

    By Lanna on 2007 07 28

  4. How precious! He is so adorable. My heart turns into a big ‘ol puddle of goo when I see sweet little ones like this ~

    My new grandchild was born Tuesday…you’ll have to check out the photos to see why she’ll be going by the moniker GloWorm on the blog wink

    By Poppy on 2007 07 28

  5. That is so desktop-background worthy!  Darling!

    By AmyM on 2007 07 28

  6. Absolutely adorable. Nothing better than a peaceful sleeping baby!

    By andrea on 2007 07 28

  7. Amazing. Look at the sunnies! And the surfer-style shirt! And the pool! The cuteness, it hurts…

    By Kathies on 2007 07 29

  8. awww that is too cute.

    By Domestic Diva on 2007 07 29

  9. So cute!  I see a lot of Mrs. Flinger in that little guy!

    By Traci on 2007 07 29

  10. Awww, that is too cute.

    I want to play with a baby!

    Not to keep mind you, just to play with.

    By Friglet on 2007 07 30

  11. Soooo cute! I can’t get my little one to keep sunglasses on, sigh….

    By Damselfly on 2007 07 30

  12. I wanna be lying right next to him.

    By Renee on 2007 08 02