I remember

Mar 31, 2009


I remember when we blogged because we loved it, before branding, before ads.

I remember the first time someone linked to me and I was shocked.

I remember when we wrote things because we wanted to, not because it would get a stumble or dig.

I remember when I’d be so shocked to get a comment, not shocked when I didn’t.

I remember when Dooce was just a girl who couldn’t spell Dude.

I remember when the community was still small enough you could actually read all your favorite blogs every day.

I remember when I had to password protect my website because I was afraid to talk about Postpartum Depression openly. Before it was OK to be vocal about it. Before there were books and Brook Shields.

I remember blogging in 2003 when each of us had to have some savy in MySQL, CSS, and HTML before XML became the standard and blogs had “widgets”.

I remember when RSS was new.

I remember starting my blog as a graduate porject in Moveable Type because I used PERL and MySQL and PHP all at the same time.

I remember being so proud of this.

And now, six years later, those of us old dogs, the bloggers from way back when, back before kids or pitches or twitter or “social media” sometimes get lost among the shiny new people, the fresh faces, the people who know what they’re doing before they even start.

Tonight my friends and I are going to see The Girl Who Can’t Spell Dude speak. And while you may be jealous of her, you may wish you were her, you may think hateful things because she makes so much effing money doing the thing the rest of us do for free (we’re SO whorish like that!), you have to admit she’s kind of a pioneer.

But we all are, really.

So here’s a shout out in remembrance to those of us who have been around the block a few times, who have since met each other in person, laughed, drank, loved, and re-connected online after years of living together in this small community we call THE INTERNET.

People I read back then:

Read since 2004:

Jumping Monkeys. (My Blog Virgin Experience started here and then took off. I love Megan. I’m sad she’s not blogging anymore. But I am honored that years after she inspired me to blog, I was able to do her typepad template with Karen through Swank and it felt like I HAD ARRIVED. In my very own nerdy way.)

Tale of a human baby.
Smarti Pants
Jen Hackworth
The Grotes
Very Mom turned Kerflop turned Balancing Everything.
Busy Mom
Liz @ This Full House

There are more but I’ve lost contact with them, or they’ve shut off their blogs, or switched to be anonymous. But it was a fairly small list of close bloggers in 2004. And then that list grew.

And grew.

Next I introduced to my list some bloggers who, like, nobody else read. Cough.
(I didn’t start reading these people until later, but that’s only because I’m a nitwit.)
(I also seriously love the word nitwit and may introduce it to street slang.)

Amalah* Read later.
Joy Unexpected
Sweetney* Read later but knew of her.
Her Bad Mother (Ditto)
Trollbaby, Vodkerella, Sugarpants, aka: MAH GIRL. (also later, like 2006?)
Fluid Pudding
Tenth Muse
Izzy Mom
Jen and Tonica

And the list, it grows. A lot of these people I’ve found much later, but I’ve read now for 2-3 years.

Still, I honor them as pioneers and people who stuck-it-out through the trolls and stats and fads.
From 2003 (and prior):
Mommy Needs Coffee (From 2005)
Three Kid Circus (From 2006)
Miss Banshee (who I found later as well and THANK GOD I did)
The Palinode (Also started reading 2006ish)
Drowning in Kids (Read since 2008)
Noirtbettie (Blogged since 2002, I’ve read since 2007)
Slack Mistress (She’s blogged since 1997!)
10 16 64.
Kirida (I’ve read since 2007: Found her on SMB!)
In a Bottle (Who has imported her archives three effing times. Dedication much?)
A Typical Life (I’ve been reading since 2007)
Assertagirl (Found 2008, god I’m a loser)

And more added by JenB. (Thanks, Jen!)
Helen Jane
Que Sera Sera
Smarty Pants
Ugly Green Chair
Not Martha

Through all the design changes, the branding, the ads, the writing, the fads, we’ve been here, in this space together. And there’s something comforting about that. So thank you for blogging. For doing it because we love it. For us.

Who do you remember?

When did you start?

Who popped your blog cheery?

*Just for fun, here are some old designs of this website’s past. It’s a little like watching your website grow up through gradeschool and Jr. Hight. Like that one time you had feathered hair! And used TABLES. DearGOD.

mrs. Flinger Summer

The Flingers Snow

The Flingers Monkey

ExGirl Mrs. Flinger

GirlSkin Mrs. FLinger



Mrs. Flinger Legs

Summer 06 Mrs. Flinger

*The inspired “Life Shit on Me” template after the miscarriage:

Latest Mrs. Flinger Design


Mrs. Flinger revision 4 thousand


  1. Yep—blogging since 2003—this “old dog” remembers the good old days.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane smile

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2009 03 31

  2. You know, I am still a pretty big fan of Dooce. I really don’t care what people say or think about that. I like her writing, her posts speak to me and her pictures are great. That’s enough to keep me reading. The fact that she doesn’t allow comments on most posts? Who realyl gives a flying fuck!?

    Your blog designs are fantastic! It’s fun looking back!

    And I started in July, 2006 - right on the cusp of writing because you want to and the very beginning of all this ad / social media shite. The change is VERY evident, that’s for sure.

    By sam {temptingmama} on 2009 03 31

  3. LIZZZZ. OHMYGOD. I’ve read you since then! :: smacks forehead :: I knew I’d forget someone.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 03 31

  4. I started blogging back in 2003, if you consider LiveJournal blogging. It was an open journal, so I guess it was blogging.

    But A Mommy Story didn’t come around until 2005. I first read Sweet Juniper and Suburban Turmoil. Back then it was just a place to tell stories and vent about new motherhood. I never expected anyone to read. I never thought anyone would be interested in me.

    And I never thought I’d still be blogging by this point.

    By Christina on 2009 03 31

  5. I remember all the blogs I can’t remember not reading, and the first time I read each of them. Almost invariably because someone else (someone who I also can’t remember not reading) linked saying something like, “So-and-so is in labor!” I’m pretty sure that’s how I got here first.

    By Annika on 2009 03 31

  6. We are like the grandparents of the blogging world.

    By schmutzie on 2009 03 31

  7. We’re going tonight too- so excited about a night out and hearing Dooce! 

    I’ve been blogging since December 2006- started when I was pregnant with my first and not telling anyone about it yet.  I’ve loved blogging since then!

    The first blog I read was Kathryn at Daring Young Mom, when she was blogging for the PI. Back when there was a PI.  How times have changed!

    By Carrie on 2009 03 31

  8. There I was all post-partum-y, lonely, scared, emotional and bored by my new baby (seriously? isn’t she going to DO something but sleep and eat and poop?) when I discovered the world of blogging. Girl’s Gone Child popped my www cherry, and now I’m a slut. I also love my child now, always did, but it helped once she actually acknowledged my existence. smile

    By Susannah aka Petunia Face on 2009 03 31

  9. I didn’t make the list?

    Well, shit.

    By Angella on 2009 03 31

  10. i started blogging in 2004.
    seems like FOREVER ago!

    i don’t know who i read first…maybe beth @ sothfishsaid? and, of course, Dooce.

    By ali on 2009 03 31

  11. I do remember…and gosh it has been since 2004 hasn’t it and to think we met because of blog! your 2004 list are the same ones that are on my first list!  I still read yours and most of the others! LOL Such a different bloggy world these days isn’t it! smile

    By Bree on 2009 03 31

  12. I remember when I called it ‘my webpage’ instead of my blog. And I had to pull down the index page and delete the text and type the latest news. Oh, 1999, you were awesome. And tables - I don’t miss you.

    By Leahpeah on 2009 03 31

  13. AAAAAHHHHH MRS. FLINGER! If The Awkward doesn’t take over I will come lick you tonite.

    By maggie on 2009 03 31

  14. I also came to blog from the Dooce.  And from other great blogs, including the ones that are linked above.

    I’m nearing my 2 year blogoversary.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.

    And um, I totally still get excited when people comment and when I’m linked.  It’s almost a very little bit tragic.  smile

    By Overflowing Brain on 2009 03 31

  15. Very cool!  So many of these were favorites when I started reading/writing in 2006….  This makes me feel like a newbie again!

    By Wh\ on 2009 03 31

  16. I just started blogging at the end of 2007.  When I started it was because I thought it looked fun-it still is.  I love the people I have met, and for me that’s the real reason why I blog-for my peeps!

    By Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire on 2009 03 31

  17. Awww…I started in 2005 - my blog was called Diary of a Reluctant Housewife. Those were the days. I remember being SO excited when you commented on my Flickr pics wink

    By Miguelina on 2009 03 31

  18. WOW, how fun to see the lists - and to see your designs from before I even KNEW about mommy blogging. Boy I wish I knew about mom blogs back then, I wonder if I would have been more sane. Probably not.

    By syd on 2009 03 31

  19. Well, you know when I started BecomingSarah.com lol, but I started my first blog in the spring of 2000.  It was an awful blog, really, horrific and ugly and awful.

    And the subject matter was so…well…

    I cannot even remember who I read at first.  It took me a long ass time to realize there were other blogs outside of my small circle of friends, and a longer ass time to really get the hang of it.  By 2002, I was reading Dooce, but most parenting blogs were a little beyond me.  I was way into sex blogs at the time.


    By Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com on 2009 03 31

  20. it started with mir.

    and notes from the trenches.

    and got out of control from there. i jumped into the pool in 2007. the community—the people—is why i keep swimming.

    By the planet of janet on 2009 04 01