I started Weight Watchers last week possibly not a day too soon.

Apr 25, 2010

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

About a week ago, I decided to join Weight Watchers. I’ve posted a lot of my weight loss struggle here, and as it turns out, I’m still at the exact.same.weight I was after having losing the Man Child’s pregnancy weight.


That very same Man Child, the apple of his Mother’s Eye, announced something last week:

Dude. Harsh.

It’s a good thing I started counting my “points” and started watching what I eat. “Watching” is the optimal word here. I haven’t actually made any changes this week, I just sort of called this week “Learning What Goes In To My Body” week.

Holymotherofperl people. I eat a lot of points.


And apparently, like golf, you want less points in this game.


In an odd way it’s comforting to realize my working out really might pay off. It’s nice to know when I’m doing suicide runs in the gym and huffing until my kidney rolls out my mouth and then NOT LOSING WEIGHT, it’s something I can control.


The time.. it is now.

So starting today I get to pay a little more attention to how I choose to nourish my body. I get to say “no” more often. I get to choose smaller portions and I get to see the scale finally, ohpleasegod finally, move.

Or else you will see a lot of “hangry” posting. (That’s Angry Hungry.)

I suppose this is all good timing now that the Man Child is almost too old to carry. I won’t be needing my stomach shelf for much longer.


  1. We are right here behind you and we won’t tempt you - too often - it’s like a test you know. wink  Keep up the good work- good things will happen! xoxo

    By Michelle Mallory on 2010 04 25

  2. You know everything you need to do and have way more power than you give yourself credit for most of the time. Tell your manchild that you are a thoroughbred. xo

    By amanda on 2010 04 25

  3. I KNOW THE FEELING. I am back in the gym after a little bit of a hiatus…I am AT my pregnancy weight.


    By briya on 2010 04 25

  4. My best friend, She of Zero Willpower, lost 40 pounds with WW and has kept it off for more than three years.  BIG believer in this.  Good luck!

    By Bejewell on 2010 04 25

  5. The whole reason I joined is that some local friends here talked SO HIGHLY of it. Ashley lost 30 pounds a year ago and kept it off and Tricia just started and loves it.

    Sadly, the Red Velvet Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory is 20 points PER SLICE. 1200 calories and 63 grams of delicious fat. OHYEA.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 04 25

  6. I should adopt the “I get to…” mentality. That’s a good way to look at it. I’m going to work on my “I get to” list.

    By Amy from She Wears Many Hats on 2010 04 25

  7. First off? I love you just the way you are.

    Secondly? I’m a huge WW fan. It helped me take off 60 pregnancy pounds nearly seven years ago, and now it helps me Every Time My Pants are Too Tight. Love it.

    By Angela on 2010 04 25

  8. *sigh* yes.

    I have done WW before and it definitely works. Too bad I work in a grocery store and sell cheese for a living.  That being said, it really did teach me what things will fill me up for the least amount of calories.  I’m really good with my actual meals as far as calories, but I get into trouble w/snacks.  WW is great for that.  Fat-free cottage cheese w/some fruit is a great way to get over the afternoon hump.

    By Liz C. on 2010 04 25

  9. I loved WW. I was on it for a while, needed to loose weight to up my chance of getting pregnant. It really does work if you stay with it! Best of luck to you.

    By Amanda on 2010 04 25

  10. Keep up the great work! I’ve been doing WW for about 16 weeks. I’ve lost 23 pounds and couting. It’s very eye-opening once you start tracking! My first day in, I drank 16 points worth of coke before I went to my weigh in. Ugh!
    Good luck!!

    By Brandi B. on 2010 04 25

  11. I’m glad you explained hangry.

    By Sarah Brouwer on 2010 04 25

  12. Hi Mrs. Flinger!
    If you want more weight losss support, check out my blog, Healthy by Choices. It’s to help people make the healthy choice one at a time, and I think you might like it!

    By Kelley on 2010 04 26

  13. Good luck to you. I’ve done myfitnesspal.com on and off with good results. The last two months have definitely been…off. And I’ve definitely gained. *sigh*

    P.S. Your current weight is slightly under my goal weight… *double sigh* Does it make a difference that I am 5’10”?

    By Allie on 2010 04 26

  14. I hate to tell you this- but apparently cookies shaped like fruits and vegetables- with the appropriate colored icing- are still, apparently, not fruits and vegetables.  This weight loss thing is vicious.

    Been reading your blog for a while- just thought I’d finally drop a comment.  Us girls and our diet tips got to stick together.

    By Mynde on 2010 04 26

  15. I joined WW 11 weeks ago.  Sadly I’ve only lost 10 pounds but I suppose that’s 10 more pounds than I would’ve lost had I not joined.  And if for nothing else I do enjoy the meetings for the people watching… like the lady who always brings a snack (ironic, yes?) and the fact that I actually kind of feel skinny there (I’m mean, I know). 

    All I can say is thank goodness for Vitamuffins, WW chocolate cake and WW lemon cake.  Still, it’s hard to remember that just because they’re only 1 point doesn’t mean I should have 4 of them. 


    By Last Girl Standing on 2010 04 26

  16. OMG, I have been HANGRY my whole life and never knew there was a word for it!!!

    By Nicole on 2010 04 28

  17. Mynde, You say WHUWHU?!  What the hell?! Does beer with fruit on it count as fruit? Please say yes.

    LSG,dude, that’s great! A pound a week?! AWESOME. That’s my plan. smile

    Nicole- I’m in a support group. They serve cookies.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 04 28

  18. First off, the word “hangry” might be one of my new favorites.

    Second, I did WW for 8 months last year and it is the only thing that has ever worked.  Dieting or trying to give up all the bad stuff?  NEVER worked.  I just cheated.  With WW you can still eat that stuff… just once in a while, in moderation.  It has gone a long way toward teaching me how to eat.  Once this baby is out of me (soooooon, pleeeez) I am totally going back on it.

    Good luck!

    By Rachael on 2010 04 28