If that damn little car doesn’t kill him, I will

Jun 29, 2006

Sometimes I love my husband so so so much. And other times, I get so damn frustrated… well… I blog about him.

This morning we rented a little car because his had to get the timing belt replaced.  Now, let me preface what I’m going to say by telling you I’m a wee bit on the emotional side and very tired from the pollen and dust and whateverthehellese is making me sneeze and be generally miserable. In fact, during the thirty minute drive home after dropping him off near work, I just about fell asleep. (thank god for Dora blaring “Backpack! Backpack! and my two coffees still coursing through my veins.)  So it should be no surprise that I had a minor panic attack when we almost got hit by a logging truck and visions of Mr. Flinger’s tiny mobile not surviving that kind of accident popped in my head. I had to talk myself out of attending his funeral in my brain, raising our daughter alone and being pregnant and having a baby who never would know his father (I’m not, but you see how this whole imaginary widow thing spirals out of control quickly).  Next thing I know I’m crying and calling his cell phone half expecting him not to answer. When he doesn’t answer my fears get out of control and I just know he’s crushed under a truck somewhere.

I get home, a complete mess, and call one more time, both his office phone and his cell. When I get no answer I call the front desk. Yes, people, I called the front desk and told another woman that I’m having a freakish wife moment and did Mr. Flinger show up to work in a very tiny silver car? She laughs, says yes, and she’s done the same thing. I think I love her for saying that, even if it’s not true.  He called a few minutes later, no doubt after the secretary said, “Hey, arsehole, your poor wife is wondering if you’re dead. You might want to call her.” Or, rather, “Hey, your psycho wife called. You might want to get her a prescription to something strong” (which is more likely). 

I know they drive these cars in Europe, but they don’t share the road with three trailer trucks and logging trucks the size of Dallas. And if he thinks this is bad, you should see me when he gets a motorcycle.


  1. You’re funny. Little cars scare me too though. A friend of mine at work has a tiny little Miata and I never want to ride on the interstate with her b/c I feel like we’re gonna get creamed.

    By Renee on 2006 06 29

  2. Little cars scare me too - but motorcycles freak me out.  My grandmother literally said on her death bed, as her dying words “don’t let Holli get a motorcycle.”  ???  I was all hyped up to get a Honda scooter.. it was right before I could drive, but now I’m totally freaked about motorcycles and my luck.

    Oh well, we’re just freaks I guess.  smile

    By holli on 2006 06 29

  3. I’ve had the same widow scenario go through my head too. And I’ve called and left a gazillion messages on his phone. Do guys ever worry about us in this way? Hmmm….

    I have to live with a crazy mountain biker and rock/mountain climber (who once made the 11pm news for a three day trek on Mt. Rainier that turned into 10 days! Just before our 1st anniversary!)  THERE WILL BE NO MOTORCYCLE.

    By Amy on 2006 06 29

  4. I have the widow mother visions, too.  It scares the hell out of me! Don’t at all feel like a psycho wife - we’re all psycho sometimes, lol!

    By Charla on 2006 06 29

  5. OMG - the imaginary widow spiral. It sucks the life out of me many a day. It just feels SO REAL when it’s all playing in slo-mo with all that sad music in your head.

    The stupid thing is I never even have to call to see if he’s fine. I just have to walk into the next room.

    It still doesn’t help sometimes.

    By Laura on 2006 06 29

  6. OMG - you channel me sometimes, I swear. I’d totally have that moment. I have imagined the whole pregnant widow thing… of course, in my case I want to be pregnant in that sick, twisted imagining because then I’ll at least have his baby… yes, drugs might not be a bad idea.

    I’ve already told my husband he can’t have a motorcycle. I will simply die of an anxiety attack if he gets one.

    By Maeander on 2006 06 29

  7. I totally did that this morning!  I got to work and every morning I email my hubby to say hi.  He never answered this morning, so I panicked and called his cell phone.  Nothing.  I called his work, he hadn’t he come in yet!  Talk about freaking out.  He finally called me 30 mintues later after seeing I had called 15 times.  He stayed home today to get things ready for my birthday tonight.  I am such a spaz!

    By jessie on 2006 06 29

  8. I’m glad Mr. F. survived!

    By JC on 2006 06 29

  9. if you’re a psycho wife, then just send me a prescription right now!

    By little miss on 2006 06 29

  10. Little car driver here (ECHO)! They are great in the city. Not so much on the highway…Especially with our Nova Scotia Ocean Winds!LOL!
    Funnily enough it’s our family vehicle, we are considering a Vespa for our second vehicle!LOL!

    By -LGirl- on 2006 06 30

  11. aww! I have the same freaky scary forecast going on, but it also works with my mom, and sister…not just my husband. The secretary rules!

    By texasbelle on 2006 06 30