I am the seventh grader with hairy legs

I am the seventh grader with hairy legs


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I was one of the last girls to figure out I needed to shave my legs. I didn’t wear a bra. I didn’t have my period. I didn’t use tampons. I was so out of the “mature” loop, I was still playing with my friends and climbing the fences and hacking things in the woods while other people started talking about boys, shaving, periods, and kissing.

I didn’t pluck my eyebrows until I was two weeks postpartum.  I dunno why. I started thinking about doing it about a year and a half ago, sitting in grad school looking at other girls my age and feeling like I was in seventh grade again.  I had no idea that those big ol’ sexy boots with the big clunky heels were in. I didn’t realize my hair was totally out, I needed a color job, and my eyebrows were very very 1993.

So, I’m at a loss again. I remember a long while back, Christine (hence forth named PajamaMama) was talking about the bushy-eyebrow-how-the-hell-do-I-know-how-to-shape-these issues. I looked at my friend Stephanie in the middle of this amazingly dull research class a couple years back and asked her how to do it. Her answer? Google it (like the true pro web girl she is. I knew we’d be great friends with that response).

I’m gonna one up her. I’m asking you. What is HIP these days for eyebrows? Do you pluck yours? Wax? Pinch, color, draw? I have a natural point to mine, but I’ve been plucking that away for a softer, rounder brow. I’m letting them grow back now (aka: I have not plucked because it hurts and I’m lazy) but I’m thinking a new shape might be nice for the wedding I’m in. I kid you not, I think about this the whole commute to work. Sad.

So.. can you help? Which shape is good? Here’s a little illustration if you’re a visual type like me: BROWS


  1. I always got mine waxed until I got knocked up (twice) and broke.  Now I pluck around the natural line.  I really have no clue if thats right and it hurts like a bitch.  I’m with you on the late maturity.  My mom wouldn’t let me shave my legs, I had no boobs (still lacking), and everyone was ahead of me.  But you know what?  I kind of want babybella to be the same way.  I don’t want her to grow up to fast.  And momma was right when she said “Honey you don’t wanna start shaving cause you can never quit.”  And who knew it would start costing so damn much to buy razor blades?

    By RB on 2005 05 03

  2. HA! R.belle.. AMEN AMEN. Now that I’m a mom, I think the same thoughts. “Please play with dolls until you’re 14.” And my mom said that, too, “Don’t start. You never ever stop.” *sigh* guess if I move to Europe I can go hairy (or if I turn hippie, which I swear I’m gonna do one day.)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  3. I usually pluck my brows…but I’m having them waxed before the wedding so it’s done right, and I’ll just maintain what they do.  It’s not that expensive if you only do it once in a while.  (I think it’s going to cost me $16.)  But, if you do it on your own, I’ve always heard to make an imaginary line from your iris to your eyebrow.  That’s where your arch should peak.  (I have no idea if that’s correct or not.)  I’ve also heard to never pluck on the top side of the brow, but I don’t always follow that rule.  Other than that, I just follow the natural line and pluck all the strays.  Loved the visuals!  Good luck!

    By paigeocora on 2005 05 03

  4. OH, thanks! When are you getting yours waxed? Can I come?  hmmm

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  5. I’m getting them done this Sunday.  Wanna come?!!  It’s only a 3-hour drive! cheese

    By paigeocora on 2005 05 03

  6. I’m with you on not knowing what to do with my eyebrows!  I hate the overplucked/drawed on look, but there must be a balance between that an a huge ol’ bushy unibrow!  I end up occasionally plucking, pretty much around the edges (I always get stray ones that want to go up my forehead, so they have to go!)  and of course in the middle.  I have yet to figure out how I’d want them shaped, so I haven’t ever attempted that.  I saw a show (I think it was What Not to Wear) and they said that your eyebrows should start (the part inbetween your eyebows) straight up from where your eye corner is.  (Whatever that is called!  The part where tears come from!)-  that would be like your #1, but with more of an arch in the brow.

    By Holly on 2005 05 03

  7. DUH.  I meant “overplucked/drawn on look.”  I don’t think “drawed” is a word.  rolleyes

    By Holly on 2005 05 03

  8. I have no idea how to do my own eyebrows. That is why I have them waxed professionally every few months and just tweeze the regrowth in between. It’s like 10 bucks to have it done, and it’s so worth it. I have been doing it since I was like 14. My mom is big into “looking your best” so I always had to wear make-up, have my hair dyed, etc.  Iwas such a chubby teen though. I have no idea why i even tried to look good.

    By Rachael on 2005 05 03

  9. Oh gosh..I started plucking in 8th grade, after my bestfriend was doing it , and she told me I needed to as well..so she taught me how. smile my dh said he remembers that year when i started plucking, he liked the new shape..haha I guess they were kinda bushy. I try to remember to pluck now and I dont have a clue what I am doing. I just pluck til I think they look good…hehe I have never had them waxed or anything, I am hearing thats the thing to do. But I think I will pass. Plucking doesnt hurt me. I have some funky blond swirl inbetween my eyebrows though, its not a unibrow,  but its hair. I dont want to pluck it in fear it grows in dark, so i leave it smile its not too noticeable..I hope.

    for legs, shaved those right before 7th, they were pretty hairy. and it sucked because I had to keep doing it. I at least played with dolls up until 6th grade..then I started my period summer before 7th..gosh..I guess that is kinda when I started to “grow up”. Haley wont grow up right? *sigh*

    By Bree on 2005 05 03

  10. LOL! Ummm…. I’m 0 for 2 on your last posts. No sex OR eyebrow plucking going on over here. (I was GOING to say there’s no plucking OR f…. oh nevermind) wink

    I have NEVER done it and the only time I had it done was the day before my wedding. I’m SOOOO not a girlie girl. Btw, I also was the last to shave my legs, wear a bra etc… I was into playing outside and getting dirty! To this day, it is a major undertaking (and very stressful) for me to get dressed up, ESPECIALLY in a dress.

    By Erin on 2005 05 03

  11. Ok.. ERIN.. YOU cracked me UP! Plucking or F*c*ing.. HA HA HA HA.. Oh, man.. good stuff.

    Rachael, 10 bucks? That *IS* worth it. Sadly, I don’t even wear makeup TO THIS DAY. I’m with Erin.. wearing a bra is “dressing up” now. Hose? Shave? Makup? Hu?

    How funny Bree that dh knows when you started plucking. Mr. Flinger calls me a Mother Plucker now. heh.

    Holly. I think that’s like what Paige was saying, right? I’m going to have to get out my handy dandy paint program and draw an illustration for myself (I’ll be measuring according to your comments) wink

    Michaela, thank you. My drawings DO rock.  wink

    And Lysha.. 10 years old? TEN?! SUCK! That’s like.. um.. 10 years until LB could be a “woman.” Crap!!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  12. Oh, yea, Karyn.. I used to do that, too. Until Mr. Flinger said, “Why don’t you ever shave your thighs?”

    No? I HAVE TO SHAVE MY THIGHS. They do grow back bushy and course. Hmph.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  13. I just looked at my drawing again.. is it just me or do they kinda look like hairy boobs?

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  14. Don’t get me wrong. I RARELY wear makeup now. Maybe once every few weeks when we go out. And I have DDD boobs, I have to wear a bra. If I don’t they hang and it’s just nasty. Not even John wants to see that.
    I used to shave all my body hair including my arms. But I rarely have the time now. I started making john shave his chest when we were dating (body hair weirds me out). Now he is addicted to it. Poor guy is so wipped by me!

    By Rachael on 2005 05 03

  15. OMG.. I will SO have to bring that up. “Um.. Jon does it”

    Thanks, Rachael! wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 03

  16. ROFL! My goodness you sure have some fun topics! I pluck & f.. to I guess. LOL! I have always wanted to have mine waxed but I have no idea where to go. Hell I don’t even get my haircut except MAYBE 1x a year.
    Makeup - yuck, too much work for me! Oh and the legs - VEET. I just tried it for the first time and it totally works. And 2 days and still no stubbly. I could like this - although so does G since I maybe have time to shave 2x a month!
    I bloomed in 5th grade. Good thing we had just finished sex ed or I would have been confused! Bras live on me all the time now. Can’t wait for that boob job!

    By Nicole on 2005 05 03

  17. I have some bad brows, I hate them but have no idea how to manage them, I do get rid of the few hairs between the brows so at least I’m not sporting one giant eyebrow. I hate shaving, I have really dark hair and very pale legs (me and the sun are mortal enemies) so I have to shave like every other day… but I don’t usually! Luckily Ben could care less so when I’m not wearing shorts or skirts I rarely shave (usually during colder months) and when I start wearing skirts (warmer months) I don’t shave above my knee, but luckily, though dark, the hair above the knee is sparse and soft. I also have no idea how to put on make-up, if I had the time and energy I’d love to wear make-up, I just need a girlie girlfriend to come over and give me lessons!! Oh, back to the eyebrows, once I start losing weight I plan to reward myself with having them waxed and then I will see how long I can go without having them waxed again to see if its something I can afford to maintain, if not then I’ll get them waxed a second time and learn to pluck the regrowth.

    By Sarah on 2005 05 03

  18. Oh and dude they are totally bushy boobs!

    By Nicole on 2005 05 03

  19. carrie..I have been plucking for 10 years..and it doesnt hurt either, I must have pulled all the nerves out..or something? normal? I dont know. hahaha yes, I said plucking..not f*king..hahahaha

    bushy boobs…rotfl!

    By Bree on 2005 05 03

  20. LOL Claire!!! Nah-stay! ROFLMAO! Hey, it’s always the quiet ones, right? wink

    By Erin on 2005 05 04