Is it wrong that I hate children?

Jun 22, 2006

Not all children. Just your children. (Not *your* children, but “YOUR” children.)

See, lately whenever we go to the park here at our “classy” neighborhood, there is some child(ren) left to just play. I understand that this child(ren) have been annoying the total shit out of the parents (:: cough :: nanny) for the past six hours but now? (S)he is annoying me. And that’s not ok.

There are kids of all ages, but usually it’s the five - seven year old left to play with, and annoy, the other families at the park. Usually one of these kids will come up and a) put their face in my daughter’s face and speak to her in babyspeak and then 2) push her down. I can handle the babyspeak. Hell, I can handle a little pushing. But when your child start annoying the crap out of me, my daughter, and demanding attention from us because you are on the phone… still.. well, I have issues.

The other night we went to the park, as a family, to enjoy some time together. We were having a lot of fun chasing each other and running up the hill and prentending we were drunk like the white trash apartment people we are.  Then we meet “the others”. You know the ones? The people who take their children to the park so they can talk on the phone while ignoring the “Mommy!” Mommy! Look what I can do” just before dive-bombing off the top of the slide, to which I feel obliged to catch said child, only to get a look from the parent with a very “please do not touch my child” kind of a way. Those are the people of whome I speak and we’ve seen entirely too much of them lately.

In fact, at one point at the park, a girl actually pulled down her pants, panties, and sat down on the curb to pee. The mom, as moms here are wont to do, was on the phone and had no idea her child was using the potty ON THE CURB. Not that my child wouldn’t do this, because let’s face it, should she ever decide to attempt to USE the potty and not just laugh at me when I mention the large porcelain bowl we have access to for our poopoo and not just the floor, say, then I’m sure my child would be right next to her on the curb. And it’s not that my child doesn’t push, because let’s face it, she does, but it’s that I’m there to


witness these things and somewhere I parent and teach her not to do the pooping on the curb. Or something.

The most annoying thing, I think, is the absent parent who’s child is doing all of this without even so much as an authority figure in sight. I’ve had children literally glob on to LB and I because we’re paying attention and they obviously don’t get that at home. I’ve seen what neglect does to a child’s mind and it’s just the saddest thing ever. They can have food, toys, a nanny, friends, anything they want, but what they really want is your attention. That’s it. Just you. It’s so simple.

So why do I hate children? Maybe I don’t. Maybe I really like children. But you, I don’t like as much. (Well, not *you* but “you”.) And if you could please get off your cell phone and try talking to the little face looking up at you, maybe she won’t feel the need to pee on the curb to get your attention.

It’s a thought.


  1. There are a few Moms in my playgroup who do this as well.  They come in and turn off and let their kids terrorize all the other kids (and Moms.) I always think if you want to bed down like cattle chewing the grass (and ignoring your children) then go to the country and do just that.  At least there is an electric fence to keep in free roaming children! smile

    By ^starshine on 2006 06 22

  2. Ain’t it the damn truth!

    By brandi on 2006 06 22

  3. My hubby and I often say that “we hate other people’s kids”.  We LIKE kids, for the most part, but we only want to have to parent our own, thank you very much!  Everytime we go to Chuck. E. Cheese, there is at least one or two parent-less kids that try to glob onto our fun.  It’s really annoying as there are no parents in sight and these kids have no manners at all and are practically jumping on us, or the rides/games that our kids are already on… EGADS.  It makes me super mad at the parents, because these kids have no chance, you know.  It’s sickening.

    By Holly on 2006 06 22

  4. Oh I saw that kid here recently!  We were dining waterfront and her nine year old self was playing in the MUD.  It was all over her dress, everything.  And her fathre appeared a bit tipsy and not interested.  It was sad, very sad.

    By RB on 2006 06 22

  5. aw, what a sad story. Why do people bother having children if they don’t have any interest in them? I don’t get it. I hope they wind up smoking stanky, be-wormed turds in hell. I really do. What assholes.

    By texasbelle on 2006 06 22

  6. It’s sad. Those kids might actually have a chance to turn out OK, but they are stuck with inconsiderate a**hole parents who are so in love with themselves that they can’t bear to tear themselves away from their precious cell phone.

    By Jamie on 2006 06 22

  7. On a debate board, recently this discussion came up.  And the mothers who did this justified it by saying they were letting their kids learn to survive without them.  Like they are grown and everything.  Whatever.  I’m a hovering mom.  Your the good mom for watching your child.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 06 22

  8. I so hear you on this one, Fling! I’ve seen that kid down here in La. too!

    By Renee on 2006 06 22

  9. So annoying! And sad. Luckily the mother bear in me has no problem instructing these kids to “not climb up the slide because a little girl (mine!) is trying to come down” and “don’t throw sand at other people.”  I like to think I’m modeling what to do/say for these parents who are too busy yakking away to pick up on it…

    By Amy on 2006 06 22

  10. The kid peed on the curb?
    OMG, that’s freakin’ disgusting.  I would have had to smack that parent.

    By monkeygirl on 2006 06 22

  11. So sad to hear/see there are parents like that out there!  Those kids will do anything they can to get attentions; eventually they will make it to the news!  Thanks to irresponsible parents.

    By Kerry on 2006 06 22

  12. OMG, this post is exactly why I love living in a small ‘backwoods’ town.  I totally would have told that poor girls mom that her kid was peeing on the curb and where the bathroom was.  LOL!  That poor kid.

    Some people just have no clue…So sad.

    By JakesGirl on 2006 06 23

  13. Oh my. I must blog on this topic. I witnessed an atrocity like this yesterday. Made me see RED!!!! Grrrrr.

    By Marie on 2006 06 24

  14. Oh, I hate moms (dads) like that, too…and their self-taught heathen chillins…but I also dispise the nazi mothers who yell at their child for every little stinking thing so that there is no chance of fun for the child.  It’s a good thing that we are all perfect, haha!

    By Charla on 2006 06 25

  15. Amen sistah. Ok though, seriously, I’ve caught my boy peeing in the grass at the park. and I think we’ve let him when there’s been no bathroom near by. So I’m guilty on that point, sorry smile

    By candice on 2006 06 27

  16. I blogged about this a while back - man, do I feel your pain. We had neighbor kids inviting themselves over. SO ANNOYING. And they totally did the babyspeak to Jack, and tried to “guide” him around to do what they want - which I quickly put a stop to (he has his own mind, girls - he’s 2, not stupid).

    Like my husband says, there’s nothing worse than someone else’s kids. Not because of the kids, but if the kids are in your face, it means the parents aren’t watching the kids, more than likely.

    By Emily on 2006 06 27